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Drowning is The Number One Killer Of Kids

The Number 1 Killer of Children World Wide and it’s Preventable!
Please take a moment and sign this petition to fund International Drowning Prevention.

Reduce Drowning

Water Smart Baby Swimming
Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Drowning by 88% by regularly attending swim lessons! Call us at 954-509-0089
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Swimming Lessons

You won’t understand unless you’ve been through it, in it, under it. Dunk then emerge. Half and then whole.

At six years old I had my first swimming lesson. 1,052 more words

Stephanie Platter

My first adult swimming lesson

Some of you might remember that in my post about what’s in line for 2016 in the world of Chloe, I mentioned that I want to get stronger at swimming. 556 more words

London Experiences

Weight Maintaince

 Swimming can also help in maintaining the weight of pregnant mommy under normal range.

Low Impact Exercise

Swimming is a low impact exercise that is beneficial for cardiovascular health.

The Amazing Benefits of Swimming Classes

When it comes to fine tuning your body, nothing can beat the swimming sessions at a leading health and beauty club at Northumberland. It is a great way to de-stress yourself and feel charged and stimulated. 360 more words