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Time out

When it comes to punishment, nate and i have completely different views on it. I believe in taps on the hand or bum but only hard enough to startle seth, half of the time I just scare him, i have barely ‘tapped’ I also believe in time out but only when they are old enough to understand because a 19 month old isn’t going to understand time out really well. 571 more words

Stay At Home Mum

Teacher Feature - Leighton

  • What’s your favourite swimming stroke, and why?

 I’ve always been a breaststroke swimmer, because after years of suppressing this style of kick in my lessons as a child, my favorite swimming teacher encouraged me to practice breaststroke, and started entering me in competitions. 258 more words


Studio Skokanek- Kid's Pool

Want to spend an active afternoon indoors during winter? Then try the swimming pool at Studio Skokanek, at Dolní Břežany in Prague West. Want to spend an active afternoon indoors during winter? 166 more words

How can a 17 month old baby possibly swim 25 yards all by hiimself?

Robbie is just a lucky little fish who was able to start as an infant and swim many days per week. He has only been taught Smart Fish Method “ROLL-TO-BACK FLOAT” skills … which transitioned into “SWIM~FLOAT~SWIM”, and then into what you see in this video as the “KICK & ROLL SWIMMING”. 60 more words

Swimming Benefits