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Playing Favourites

Growing up, I knew this girl named Lisa.

We met up in things like swim lessons, Girl Guides, and part-time job training.

I didn’t go to school with her, but I knew she was super smart. 1,080 more words

Mother's Musings


House of Movement Miami, partners with SWIMKIDS School to bring you the finest in Swimming Lessons for you!!!

Classes are offered daily in the afternoons for children of all ages.   73 more words

House Of Movement

A well-structured summer

My diary is full to bursting. There’s art club and running club, art festivals, summer fêtes and swimming lessons. There are woodland volunteer days, plant a vegetable days, bat walk nights. 458 more words

Home Education

The Waiting Game

When I was growing up, I was raised on stories of how my uncle taught himself to swim in a creek not far from his house and how both of my parents learned to swim as adults.  818 more words

Fitness And Kids

Justine's Achievements

Justine was an easy child to raise. She was a high achiever who set goals for herself and reached them. She got good grades, scored goals in soccer, achieved the highest honour in Girl Guides, the Canada Cord, was awarded the role of Dorothy in the school play, got her Bronze Medallion in swimming and went on to 2 Legion competitions with her speech, “Be Careful What You Wish For.” She was always happy and had lots of friends. 154 more words

Justine Brooks

Learn To Swim - Check!

I grew up in a place where the sea was just a walk away so almost everyone I knew there can swim – my neighbors, friends, brother, sister, etc. 365 more words


Surviving a haircut and learning to swim

I took Daniel to get a haircut today at the first barber’s I came to on our way to swimming. The hairdresser was a short and muscular middle-eastern-looking man with tattoos up and down each arm. 563 more words