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A swimming success 

I have waited to write this post to ensure it’s not a fluke. My son, the one who screamed every swim lesson for the first three or so weeks, has become one of the top in his class. 355 more words

Tales From Motherhood

Five Things Swimming Taught Me

It was the summer before third grade when the folks enrolled me and my sisters to a swimming class. I hated it. I had to go to the local public pool everyday for that summer. 1,133 more words

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Swimming class: The unexpected lessons

Last month I finally enrolled myself for swimming lessons at the neighborhood club. Its been something that I hadn’t had a chance to learn as a child. 814 more words

Food For Thought


Recently I started taking Swimming Lessons after about 10 years since last time I swam and found that whilst most other people in my Aqua class could move in the water with a float using just there arms or legs I tended to stay stationary, my Mum & Sister gave me some money towards these lessons as part of my Birthday presents. 354 more words

Fareham Leisure Centre

Just keep swimming

Since my last post about swim lessons, little has changed. My son’s goggles haven’t seen water until recently, not because we’ve skipped swim (trust me when I say, I’ve thought about it) but because my son screams anytime they touch his face. 456 more words

Tales From Motherhood

2015 Seneca County Swim Program

The Seneca County Swim Program will be held July 6 – July 17, 2015 at Vince’s Park located at the corner of Route 318 & Routes 5&20.   113 more words

Getting warmer: let’s talk water safety

With summer approaching in the Northwest, layers of clothing slowly peel away, and thoughts turn to the water. Soon, local rivers, lakes and pools will start to fill with kids and families. 633 more words

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