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Suction vs Robotic Pool Vacuums

We’ve all spent hours of our days manually vacuuming debris out of the bottom of our pools that could have been time better spent. Along came the “Automatic Pool vacuums” like Kreepy’s and Wally Whales and Navigators that would save us all time. 525 more words

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Cloudy Pool Openings

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to open our pools in a pristine, clear, clean condition, but sometimes we don’t and that can lead to frustration. It can be easier if you follow a simple plan. 355 more words


Monochromatic Summer

Summer is the time for vibrant, radiant and lively colors, such as yellow, orange, mint green and the likes.. 111 more words


Early Pool Opening Saves Money & Headaches

As the winter fades and the last of the ice melts, its time to think about opening the pool. Many pool owners will hold off until they are ready to swim thinking they can save chemical and energy costs and they are not wrong. 436 more words


AquaLink Pool Automation

This video provides a brief overview of the residential pool and spa automation products that Zodiac Australia offers.

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Zodiac Eco-Friendly Pool Tips

An eco pool can be a great inspiration for households to be more water wise and energy efficient. In the video our presenter will show you some eco-friendly pool tips.

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Opening your Pool for Summer

Starting or opening up a swimming pool is pretty simple. But it does require a bit of work and patience. It’s best to start a week or two before you want to swim to get best results, and also take away some of the last minute stress. 30 more words

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