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Seasonal Shift from Ocean to Indoor Pool Swimming

One of my major exercise issues is going from the joy of open water swimming to indoor pools. No waves, or fish to get my attention, it gets a bit monotonous. 113 more words


Titusville set to defend CCC swimming

Swimmers of the Cape Coast Conference will gather for the annual championship meet on Friday at Cocoa Beach Country Club.

Titusville won both the boys and girls titles last season, and several key competitors are back for the 2015 version. 143 more words


Autumn Shower at Vobster

The leaves are just beginning to turn, but they aren’t in the lake yet. What was in the lake was suddenly an impressive amount of rain, the mist that seemed to lie on the surface of the lake was not actual mist, but the view across the surface of the water through a million splashing raindrops – my eyes being mere  inches above the water. 46 more words


Rails Win 6 Events But Fall Short vs. Riders

While everyone in America is getting excited about “October Baseball”, the Rails traveled to Roosevelt to kick off “October Swimming”! With Regionals now just a few weeks away, Tuesday’s (10/6) meet against the Riders was an opportunity to race for faster seed times. 379 more words

Lincoln High School

Memory Keeper: This Week In September

This is how we spent out last days of summer vacay…PJ’s into the afternoon, fruit snacks and good books

Oh goodness gosh, again I’ve been such a posting slacker! 526 more words

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fluffy white towels the kind you find in only the finest hotels

When all the bridges have been burned and all congeniality has been lost, looking at the river you will not feel the same as before, wondering how to cross it alone, wandering, then discover you can swim if you start by floating on your back, belly up,  staring up at the sky, even with horizon with the dying. 85 more words

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