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I'd Be Lying If I Said I'm Not Afraid Of Dog Flu.

Nat GeoRumors are spreading that the next flu pandemic may come from humanity’s best friends: dogs.

On Tuesday, researchers reported that they identified a new strain of dog flu, called H1N1, in dogs from southern China. 491 more words

Could 'dog flu' be the next pandemic?

Medical News Today Tim Newman 6 June 2018

Both swine flu and bird flu created a stir in recent years. Now, a new threat may be on the horizon. 241 more words


Vietnam hospital records outbreak of swine flu

An outbreak of swine flu at a hospital in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City has left 16 patients infected and another 80 quarantined, state media reported on Monday. 113 more words


Germ Warfare

An excerpt from my book in progress, Morgantown to San Francisco:

Germ Warfare

         The ABC Evening News reported that the Army admitted to conducting germ warfare experiments in the subways of New York, Chicago and San Francisco. 329 more words

900, Yes 900, Studies Prove Statin Dangers

When a Medical Doctor sounds a warning then hadn’t we better investigate for ourselves? Properly. Clearly the medical establishment has been duped by the Big Pharma spin so in my opinion it’s past time we blindly trust them as our forbears once did. 582 more words


Federal Panel Says It's OK To Use Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Again

NEW YORK (AP) – It’s OK for doctors to start using a kid-friendly nasal spray flu vaccine again, a federal panel said Wednesday.

Two years ago, the advisory group pulled its recommendation for FluMist vaccine after research found it wasn’t working against swine flu, the kind of flu that was making most people sick then. 446 more words


Incredible pandemic hoax from the Ministry of Truth

Incredible pandemic hoax from the Ministry of Truth

by Jon Rappoport

February 19, 2018

—Flashback to 2009—

I want to highlight two very brief excerpts from a British Medical Journal article (online, Sept. 560 more words

Press Fraud