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$SPY - today the bounce, tomorrow the rally?

Had 44 sells on my nifty-fifty stock list Thursday. Forty plus sells usually marks, if not the bottom of a swing, the beginning of the bottom (see my simple chart below). 119 more words

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Recent Swing Trades

Here are some of my recent swing trades including the one that really stuck it to me.

The strategy isn’t rocket science.  Basically I look for a consolidation pullback in the direction of the trend.   734 more words


Under Armour

UA has taken a beating just recently, due to some aggressive marketing/competition from Nike.

Is it now a buy?

Simply on the number of shoes/t-shirts/etc that I see being worn, quite possibly. 23 more words


Trading Psychology - Must Watch!

This interview starts your thinking in regards to trading psychology.  Mark Douglas nails the highs and lows you are going to face in your journey and his books really help you understand how to over come them. 64 more words

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What broker to use?,  How do they work?,  feck me I’m so confused, haven’t even placed a trade!!

I jumped straight in a friend was using Zerotrade a low budget broker offering 0% commissions on trades, well not all lol, read the small print.  484 more words

Day Trading

Weed eh? April Fizzif!

As you know, weed has been in America for ages. We have the Mongolians and Serbs to thank for that (allegedly)! Every few weeks, a pot stock gets its wings and soars for 2 days, and then goes back into the ground. 117 more words

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The Condition of the Market Affects Your Trading - Trade Accordingly

Yesterday I posted my watch list with a note that I was risking only .25%. That post led to the following question: 275 more words