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eBook Released!!

Yes I know! I haven’t been active on my blog for quite some time now but please be informed that the time wasn’t spent in vain. 189 more words


$DUST - my prettiest charts

After the gold stocks’ long run, DUST, the 3x-Leverage Bear ETF, is finally having its swing to glitter.  Up 20% in the the past two days, 36% from a buy signal seven days ago. 57 more words

$KC #Coffee - swing traders' dream

Coffee has been swinging from oversold to overbought and back again on a consistent basis for more than a year.

Last year, January through December, was spectacular with more than a $30,000 gain on margin (current margin requirement is $3,100 per contract).  91 more words

Swing Trading

$SPY - a choppy day...

Following the green…

Up from the open, back down to the open, back up to the highs at the close — so call it a choppy day with an upward bias. 84 more words

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$SPY - a note on market timing...

Following the red…

After a nice eight-day swing to the upside, SPY tripped a bit today into a red candle.

That goes along with a down trend in market breadth that has been going on now for 15 trading days, and goes along with a two-day uptick in the VIX, and 19 stocks on my nifty-fifty stock list gave sell signals today. 127 more words

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$SPY - sideways chop ends the downtrend

Following the red…

The midday sluggish summer trading cancels out yesterday’s intraday downtrend leading possibly to a trend reversal (long with a tight stop).

Near week in the money 219 put closed for 60% on the trend signal, 5% from today’s open. 46 more words

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#DayTrading - when the trend is NOT your friend

Following the red…

Had six stocks from my Nifty-Fifty list on individual buy signals for today’s open: UAL, SKY, FBHS, BRKS, HII, FIVN.  At the moment, five, bought on the open, are down. 179 more words

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