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Day trading is only for the full timers

There are so many ways to trade – choosing a way can take forever.

Broadly speaking, the forms of trading include positional, swing and day trading: 254 more words

23 July 2015, Slow Trader Hedge Fund

I'm staying out Monday

I don’t see anything too exciting for Monday… at least not in any of my normal markets. Unless the equations give a 90% probability or higher, I’ve found it’s best to wait. 15 more words

Stock Market Predictions

Losers Average Losers - $Study, Discipline, Plan, Process & Passion Win

One of my favorite trading books is Trend Following by Michael Covel. In that book Covel describes a hand written note hanging on the wall behind the desk of legendary trader Paul Tudor Jones. 411 more words


My Dax Futures Prediction for Monday

My equations are not giving the high probabilities I like (> 88%) for my typical Forex markets, so I’m focusing on some of the Index Futures. 158 more words

Stock Market Predictions

Swing trading and its unlimited value-creating advantages: a short insight

Do you want to make a lot of money on trading? How often do you see these +100% daily gains on some biotech stock and ask yourself why didn’t you enter a day before? 805 more words

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$SPY #Options - been down too long

Following the green…

After dropping hard last Friday and drifting lower through the week, SPY is on a bounce so far today.  Got my Follow-The-Green buy signal at 7 a.m. 101 more words

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