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Ibat-ibang paraan para kumita sa Philippine Stock Market

In a nutshell, peso-cost averaging is an investing strategy where you invest an amount of money regularly over a long period of time.It is also best done concentrating your asset on the blue-chip stocks or the top 30 listed companies in the stocks exchange. 518 more words

[How to invest in stocks, Fundamental analysis] Management Tenets

Management is a qualitative factor that should be considered by every investor who wants to invest for the long run.

Buffett looks very hard at the quality of management when considering an investment. 616 more words

How To Invest In Stocks

[Term of the day] Return on Equity

Return on Equity (R.O.E) measures a company’s profitability by revealing how much profit a company generates with the money shareholders have invested.

The higher the R.O.E the more efficient the company is.

How To Invest In Stocks

Types of investors

Hello, I hope everything is going your way.

Today I’m gonna write about the different types of investors.

First we have day traders.

Day Traders… 313 more words

How To Invest In Stocks

Set and Forget!

OK, some of you, probably have fallen into the same anti social trap as I have with Forex trading, thinking you must be sitting infant of your screen 24/7, checking prices, looking at charts, stressing yourself out, searching for that perfect trade and setup. 578 more words


Day 2 summary

Not a great day, the markets were very stagnant, almost all moving in a ranging pattern. This tends to induce boredom and you “look for a trade” that maybe isn’t there. 229 more words


I Finally Broke $200

I do not know if I have ever mention anything about stocks in my blogs, but today at 6 in the morning my portfolio is above two hundred dollars USD. 396 more words