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The Number 1 Reason Why ICO's Launch Below the ICO Price is the Referral Bonus System by CryptoJesse

Have you heard of ICO’s? They used to be a great way to profit off Cryptocurrency but at some point, things changed. Now almost every ICO fails upon launching. 304 more words


Phillipines looking at a new tougher approach to cryptocurrency crimes - ICO's to stay in Phillipines.

Here is the link to the coinidol.com article!

Philippines Senator Leila de Lima (photo) Calls for Applying a Get-Tough Approach to Cryptocurrency Crimes https://coinidol.com/philippines-approach-to-cryptocurrency-crimes/


Precedent set for people promoting cryptocurrency scams!

Big News! Precedent was set for charging people promoting illegal cryptocurrency scams! This is good for everybody!

Here’s the article from bitcoin.com!



Swing Trading Atau Intraday Trading?

Nggambleh sikek dab!

Nek dikon milih, yo asline milih swing trading. Soale luwih sreg neng ati.

Tapi, nek dipekso, kepekso meh anjlok, medun neng lower time frame yo rapopo. 48 more words


Bitcoin Price Update - 2/12/18 (Continued)

UPDATE TO EARLIER POST: Not the best looking Head and Shoulders, but it’s there.

Shorts are still in effect.

Link to Chart HERE.


Bitcoin Price Update - 2/12/18

Potential Head and Shoulders Top forming on the hourly chart.

All of my shorts are still in effect. (See HERE).

Average position: $8,523.45

See full chart HERE.