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"I’m proud to say that my involvement with MLNP has armed me with the confidence to pursue and explore things that I otherwise wouldn't have"

Written by Tabby of MLNPstar couple Tabby + Monkey.

I have always thought that humans are not a monogamous species. All too often, relationships fall apart and people suffer because they try and fail, at sexual monogamy. 817 more words


Heated - Part 5

Part 5 – Climax

“I’m sure you’re surprised to see me, my love,” the voice of Anna’s husband, Lukas, filled the room. His strong German accent tainted the softness of his words with malice that did not truly exist. 2,673 more words



Victor got a message the other day on a dating site. It read: “Are you still where you are, because I’m on route from KZN down the coast on business, and was wondering if it be possible to meet you for a coffee?”, Signed: darkhuney15. 1,295 more words

My first couple

This past Saturday night, I had my first encounter with a couple. The woman had contacted me on the site, and we began chatting. She was very nice and I liked her immediately. 663 more words


Friday's comings and goings-on.

Last night was my weekly date night with T, my FWB. It was effing awesome, as usual. He picked me up at home after the sitter arrived at 7 pm and we drove half hour to a new restaurant I’d picked out. 1,165 more words


I guess that title sounds a little odd for a blog talking about swinging and the whole lifestyle that surrounds it. Well, let me tell you why I chose that title and maybe you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s appropriate. 569 more words