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Hedo Diaries: So Many Firsts

HER:  Bubbles poured in endless streams from above our heads into the giant inflatable pool below. Little clumps of iridescent foam broke off and floated up into the dancing strobe lights. 1,084 more words


What's Your Number?

HER: ‘What’s your number?’ This may be a typical pick-up line in a bar, but when the conversation is about sex, everyone knows what ‘number’ we’re talking about.   1,326 more words


Stage Fright Ain't Right!

Ever had a fantasy to be with another couple?  Nikki and I have tried and it was quite the humbling experience.  Now, let me start off in full disclosure by saying that I NEVER have had a problem that required any little blue pills.  1,248 more words


Best friends and threesomes

Holy shit! it’s been super long since I’ve updated yet again. This seems to be a pattern for me. I guess between Beard’s job, kids, depression, anxiety and just tired of the general bullshit that is life, I kinda gave up. 1,538 more words


A One-Afternoon Stand

HIM: On our first few trips to Hedonism, we spent a lot of time in lounge chairs on the beach.  We’d hear loud music and laughter coming from the nude pool, but since you are a little intimidated by crowds and I don’t drink, we kept our distance. 1,262 more words


Keeping Secrets

HER:  We had a party at our house recently where, in a haze of whisky-laced apple cider and white wine, I told my siblings that we had tried sex clubs and vacationed at Hedonism.  1,356 more words


The Greatest Threesome in the History of the World

HIM: When we were writing our article ‘The Quantified Sex Life’ a couple of weeks ago, I got caught up reading through the notes section of the sex log I keep. 1,134 more words