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Swinging VS Polyamory: How Are They Different?

Many people confuse Swinging relationships and Polyamorous relationships for one and the same. This is particularly the case amongst those who are new or not a part of the lifestyle community. 487 more words


Eats Enters Eastern Teresa, should I ever anagram Earnest! 2016 a fine sexual vintage and Earnest gets his Christmas Bonus

Now that I’ve tried to talk to you and make you understand 
All you have to do is close your eyes 
And just reach out your hands and touch me  3,172 more words

Photo Friday: Just a Swingin'

Swinging is fun at Mammy and Yaya’s. Check out the awesome swing the big kids have.

Does it make me a nerd that I even like swinging on it?!?


Is Swinging The New Fountain Of Youth?

Getting old is an inevitable fate that we all have to someday deal with. As much as man tries to defy nature, this cycle is what keeps the world going and it will never change. 585 more words


Bedding a Much Older Man (25 to his 70) During a Spousal Swap

I’ve often been asked the age of the youngest man I’ve slept with, which as of right now was twenty-two to my fifty-four years.  But what about the other way around?  3,568 more words

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100 Signs You Are A Swinger

  1. You are wearing wristbands in most of your vacation photos.
  2. Half of the numbers on your cell phone are listed only by screen names.
  3. You are running out of reasons to tell your coworkers why you can’t go out with them this weekend.
  4. 1,451 more words

Abbreviations Swingers Use And Their Meanings

The swinging lifestyle has it’s own dictionary, and terminologies that you probably won’t hear anywhere else. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about some of the words and phrases used only in the swinging community. 359 more words