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Swinging Around

Disappointment. That’s the feeling I’ve been trying to pin down all weekend—or really, run from. And now that I have a chance to stop and reflect on it, at 5:30am (I’ve been up since 4), I can honestly say that’s how I feel underneath all of the it’s-okays and why-nots and fuck-its of my confused feelings about what love and commitment really mean in today’s world. 1,618 more words


The Time with those Swingers

Remember the Mayan Apocalypse?  Obviously there was no apocalypse as we are still alive today, but back in 2012, an acquaintance of mine threw a “End of the World” party at her apartment complex. 523 more words


Sharing While Swinging

The school bus stopped in front of the driveway and the cutest ten-year-old boy greeted me with a huge smile. This, my only grandchild is my joy, my entertainment, and my blood. 547 more words


Double Play

Two weeks ago my wife/Mistress and I went to another swinger’s party.

She had tentative plans to connect with the host couples’ husband “Dave”. My wife gave him a massage at the last party, and his hard-on led them to discuss how they both found each other to be attractive. 605 more words

Blog Posts


I feel awkward again.

Invisible, and small.

You turn me into a stranger,

I don’t belong with you all.

From pedastal to shelf,

It’s a long way to fall. 17 more words


Greening up

Now that our sprinkler system is working and we actually had a day of really good rain, things are looking much greener around here.  Of course, one day of rain doesn’t put an end to the drought conditions, but the lawn is looking better.  402 more words

Gentlemen, A Word about DJ Khaled

I’d like to give a few words of advice: don’t be this man…

Gentlemen, the best move you can have in your sex arsenal is oral sex. 107 more words