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everybody has some one out there for them

if you knew what

the fellow family members were thinking

about when you cooked ribs for us, then

you would go back to the

garden of sweden and take… 39 more words

Size Matters

Yes I am going there. In the years I have been blogging I have always been very careful about making such comments as the one above. 663 more words


"Jaw With John" - Let Husband Swing Somewhere Else

My husband wants to be with other women. He has spent the last 12 years asking for a threesome. I love him and don’t want to share him with the world, but he doesn’t love me the same. 207 more words

Jaw With John


This is Antti Tuisku with Keinutaan. It means swinging in a swing really. He is making a parody of aerobics and he is a parody act himself really. Enjoy!


Sex escapades in Delhi: Be a part

Don’t you sometimes feel like having sex without paying for it, without any emotional attachment or judgement. Don’t you want to meet like minded people and fulfil your fantasies? 62 more words

A Hasidic Couple's Kinky Open Marriage

I thought that this article deserved its own blog post, and not just a pithy tweet.

As a human interest story, and drawing attention to the struggles and balancing acts that (even) Hasidic people¬†experience on a daily basis — even to the point of leading double lives — I thought the article did a fine job. 911 more words

Frum Erotica

Where do I go from here? Keep on Swinging!

It’s happened. I’m falling deeply in love with my artist. So where do I go from here you ask? I’m not sure. But I do know one thing, I spend a lot of time thinking about him and wondering what my life would be if we were together as a permanent couple. 744 more words