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Demand for Village swings (this is so not what you think it's about)

So. Rightmove describes where I live as a tranquil, sort after village on the edge of the pennines with a thriving community.

And should add..who aren’t adverse to chucking their car keys into the bowl at the end of the pub quiz. 1,289 more words

Tonight I'm having sex with a woman I'm not married to...

And my wife will be having sex with a man she isn’t married to.  We’re pretty excited about it; met them yesterday and almost got some play time in but it was REALLY late and our babysitter wasn’t available.   12 more words

Open, Poly and Swing

This weekend we stayed with friends. They are friends who Mr. D has played with sexually in his past relationship. I’ve talked about us opening our relationship in past posts, which we haven’t done yet. 1,540 more words


Cirque de Soleil, a Voyage into the Imagination

The Kurios Cabinet des Curiosites, at the Calgary Exhibition grounds, usurps the boundaries of the impossible, delights the heart and stimulates the unthinkable. We arrived to find the grand entertainment in the surrounding tents before you are ushered into the main event. 176 more words


Front porch swinging

Front porch swings…one of the greatest things EVER!

There is just something kinda wonderful about sitting on the porch swinging. For me it could be all the memories I have of sitting on my Mamaw’s swing as a kid. 272 more words


Beginning the Journey

First–and second–experiences with a full, er, swing occurred this week. It’s a strange place to be; beautiful, enjoyable, spiritual, connecting with someone different, but trying to walk that careful edge of fun over falling. 774 more words


The Grass Is Always Greener Where You Water It

I’m in a Swingles group – single swingers.  And it looks like so many of them are feeling like giving up on the dating thing. Which made me think of all the misguided and just plain dumb “advice” (yes in quotations because I’m using the term loosely) others (usually coupled) freely give to those seeking a mate. 1,083 more words