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Swinging Etiquette for Couples at Lifestyle Parties, Clubs, Events, and Resorts

Hey y’all!  Here we go with part two on today’s discussion on proper etiquette for behavior at lifestyle parties, clubs, events, and resorts. For those of you that have already jumped into the wild world of swinging, these are likely going to seem pretty common sense. 932 more words


Swinging Etiquette For Single Guys at Lifestyle Events, Parties, Clubs and Resorts

Hello again! It’s me, Vixen, and as promised, we’re going to go through the expected etiquette for attending a swinger’s party or event for single males. 2,586 more words


55/38/7, part 1

What do the numbers 55, 38 and 7 have to do with ethical non-monogamy?  Probably a lot more than you realize.

No, they aren’t some twisted measurements.   786 more words


Poppin' the cherry

Hello!!  I’m Vixen and along with my husband, Ragnar, we’ll be your tour guides through the wonderful world of sex, swinging, kinks, porn, toys, and any other dirty little thing that tickles our fancy for the moment. 1,288 more words


Portrait of Play, Week 21

Swings! Last year play on the swings looked like this. A year later, the swinging experience has evolved to include synchronized swinging performances. I was told that I couldn’t watch the cousins as they choreographed and practiced their swing routines. 386 more words

Portrait Of Play Project

Where will I ever find the time?

There are only so many hours in a day.

Sad, but true.

We’ve run across quite a few different people in the lifestyle so far, and everyone has their own circumstances that dictate how they navigate the world of ethical non-monogamy. 441 more words


Sexy public sex in sexy sex club - Part 2

The day arrived…

After a long wait, D-day was finally here! I started early in the evening with some kitchen prepping and took a shower. 547 more words