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Everything She Wants, Part 10

The studio is warm and my hands are beginning to slip on the textured mat as I exhale deeply, returning my body to downward facing dog.   457 more words


Everything She Wants, Part 9 (Explicit)

“Mmmm, your tongue is so soft…”

The back of her head pressed against the bathroom mirror, Melissa gazes down past her hard nipples with a broad smile, moaning intermittently with the pleasure of my attentions. 654 more words


Back and Fro (1)

A mate asked me to accompanying him to a party a few months ago. He’s good fun so I agreed. It was a swinger’s party. 402 more words


Everything She Wants, Part 8 (Explicit)

“Can you feel that?”

Melissa shakes her head.

“You don’t have to…”

“Oh, it’s definitely there. Let me try…”

He moves his thumb gently back and forth and smiles at her. 550 more words


Golf is not just about swinging a golf club

These phenomena – and there are several other folks – are not able to be described in purely physical conditions. We spent significantly of out time understanding about the theory of swinging a golfing club, and yet we deficiency the self – manage to be able to put that information into practice. 28 more words

Stay Cool It's Hot Outside

For those of you in the West, especially Arizona and Nevada, keep cool during this heat wave. Las Vegas has been 110+ for the last week. 65 more words

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