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What is the swinging lifestyle?

By definition swinging lifestyle is the act of sharing yourself and your partner sexually with other people. But there are many varieties of swinging lifestyle… 155 more words


Why Do "Nice Girls Dress Like Sluts at Halloween?

The eternal question, Why Do “Nice” Girls Dress Like Sluts at Halloween? And once again I pondered this interesting question on Halloween.

Do all “nice” girls have a secret slut side that they let loose one time a year? 373 more words


Social Clubs and House Parties As a Source of Socialization

 Social clubs and house parties are sometimes extensions of fetish or sex club membership, or events hosted from online dating sites or communities; other times these events may be hosted independently by groups of friends who met through one of these methods. 203 more words


I Can’t Believe That Bitch Is Trying to Steal My Man

A friend recently posted an article about a woman who slept with 12 different men over the course of one year… with her husband’s permission. She wrote a book about it. 698 more words


Meeting Others Online

The anonymity associated with the internet and its ability to minimize distance has had a profound impact on online communities associated with the lifestyle and polyamory.  510 more words


DSGs – Dreaded Single Guys or Distinguished Single Gentlemen?

For some reason it’s more acceptable to include the unicorns in with the happily swinging couples. But add a single guy to the mix, for many there is a shudder at the thought of involving a man whore. 1,118 more words