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So, you finally realized everything you knew about being a swinger was a complete lie. You’re welcome. And maybe after reading that story, you and your partner were like: “Well, since it’s not all old people with robes, watching you with somebody else might be kind of exciting…” 1,003 more words


The Alley, Part II

Definitely an anti-social type…..

Oddball, Kelly’s Heroes, 1970

This past Saturday (12/9) I was headed east, back to The Alley.  Originally this was supposed to be a weekend trip for about seven other fellow steelheaders.  525 more words


New Year's Eve is Rapidly Approaching

New Year’s Eve Party Girls

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and we are already planning our annual New Year’s Eve pajama party. I’ve just finished a joint interview with Lisabet Sarai and myself regarding our two new erotic stories just hitting the stores, … 148 more words

Erotic Stories

TMI Tuesday - Sexy Specifics 

1. What do you find sexiest in a woman?

I am a bit of a boob fan. If a woman is dressed in such a way that you catch a nice glimpse of her cleavage or a bit of side boob then I am definitely going to be interested. 771 more words


If you stick to the rules, "swinging" can be fun and healthy for your relationship

Swingers can be either partners, couples or singles who decided to be in an open relationship, giving consent to their partners to have sex with others. 155 more words

Partner Swapping

What is swinging?


Wiki defines this as a non-monogamous behavior in which both singles and partners in a committed relationship engage in sexual activities with others as a recreational or social activity. 41 more words

Partner Swapping

Adventures of The Past; Diaries of Laynie's Life "Entry 1"

It’s been an off-couple weeks for Russ and I last weekend while we thought we would be out having fun we ended up being at home and resting due to Russ getting a bad sinus infection and bronchitis! 2,363 more words

Open Love