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Consent is Sexy

HIM: It seems you can’t turn around lately without hearing about the issue of consent. The Stanford Rape Case, in which an elite varsity athlete was discovered attempting to have sex with an unconscious woman behind a frat house, is only the most recent high-profile example. 2,255 more words


2 + 2 = way more than 4 ... yes, I’m talking about group sex!

How does a couple who has barely touched each other in 6 years end up in bed with another couple, you may ask? Whelp, it had been 3 years since our failed attempt at an “open marriage,” and we were still unhappy with our sex life… mainly because we didn’t have one. 1,011 more words


The nude beach: it was everything & nothing we expected.

This past Saturday, Mr. DINK & I ventured to one of the local nude beaches here in South Florida. It had great reviews online & has always been something on my bucket list. 410 more words


Who wants to fuck the pretty people?

Hey hey Lovers!

Apologies for the long absence, but honestly, things have been so slooow! Now don’t get me wrong Lovers, I’m still getting my daily dose of man wherever I can, it’s just fewer and farther between than I’d like. 1,086 more words

Sex is a slippery slope (pun intended)

So how did I get to be a nympho? I could go way back to my childhood and psychoanalyze myself, but I won’t bore you with my life story. 373 more words


Sarah Sandpaper: On Non-Monogamy, and Being "Not Totally Straight"


Tell me about some of the platforms you use to meet people online! This can be anything like dating apps or things like craigslist, facebook, whatever. 1,551 more words

54. Sex is fun. Four times the fun with the right couple!

So, what’s new?  Not much here.  Oh yeah, Mike, me, John, and Donna got together for a f-fest.  Ha!

I’ll do my best to tell the story for those of you that love the details, which, per my blog stats, seem to be most of you.  2,302 more words

6. My DD Life. Spankings And Other Stories