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By The Lantern Light

Moving ever forward, sometimes clumsily, the eerie yellow light staggers. Swinging violently as ever more bodies are discovered, some no longer resemble human.
Standing straight and taking stock, a moment is all He needs. 119 more words


The Other Man

My artist is a widower.  I think I mentioned that in a previous post. He is free to love and be loved by whomever he chooses. 1,022 more words



Hello people! Jo’s turn

It’s my first blog entry so please be kind!

I was asked by someone to put together an idiot’s guide to chest drains…. 1,054 more words

Life Thoughts

Swinging high, swinging low,

life has its ups and downs,

still upon us the sun,

does glow.

Sure would like to find,

a place for some peace of mind. 190 more words


Swinging - Me, my lover and the Artist

Like I’ve been saying all year long, I’m the luckiest woman alive.  Not only do I have an amazing lover in Matt, but my new artist lover Gary has turned out to be an extraordinary man in his own right. 776 more words


This is where it starts

The first one.

The beginning.

Where I write to sort through this crazy “alternative lifestyle” life I lead.

Where I can get the thoughts and feelings that are in my head out. 39 more words

Alternative Lifestyle

Tying Bender

During the last few months I tied a lot of flies to keep myself occupied.  I know some tie flies out of necessity but I do it more for relaxation.  52 more words

Fly Tying & Fishing