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Living the Life of a Swinger

Let’s face it — there comes a point in some relationships when sex toys just don’t add enough spice to the bedroom. For many people who find themselves in this situation, they turn to swinging. 555 more words

Domestic Duties and Work Responsibilities

In their practical guide to polyamory, More Than Two, Veaux and Rickert joke that one of the questions most often asked about their polyamorous relationships is “who does the laundry?”.  266 more words


Swinging Bridge - Day 17 April PAD

Swinging Bridge

Growing up we

spent time at the

Swinging Bridge

spanning the Colorado

River dividing two

Central Texas counties

We would run across

shouting with joy… 148 more words


Why you need two little black books

One of the things you quickly discover when you start swinging is that you develop two sets of friends, the straight ones and the party ones. 315 more words


Post Script To Strange

I have read this morning’s post a couple of times now that I’m awake, and decided I will no longer write while sleeping.  I should write that statement on a blackboard at least 100 times, but since I don’t have one present now, I’ll just try to remember.   559 more words


Gaslighting anyone?

I’m not sure if these last 3 years I’ve been in denial that things were on an up swing or if we were actually getting somewhere in our marriage. 601 more words


Children's Corner - Kids Read - Swinging


by Gary Bertnick

High in the sky

As the clouds blow on by

Higher and higher 130 more words