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Carmen's tips. #2 the power of swiping?

You may have heard of this app, Tinder.

I don’t really like to use it for dating, but the very concept of swiping to the… 367 more words


Dos and Donts of Looking Appealing on Tinder for Guys


DON’T: Big group photos are a no-no. This is a split second decision and I don’t want to take the time to figure out which one of the 50 you are. 387 more words

Life Tips

Quick Tip 23 - The Effects Toolbar

ArcGIS 10.2.2

So this is a neat toolbar I learned about while watching an ESRI training webinar on regression analysis. The effects toolbar lets you change the contrast, brightness, and transparency of a layer from a toolbar, as well as letting you ‘swipe’ a layer back and forth to compare two overlapping layers, and set a layer to flicker on and off. 336 more words

Quick Tips


The UI will be designed to be the stand-out feature to separate the device from the myriad of other Android devices. As the UI and the device has such a large emphasis on gestures, I thought I’d go over all the intended gestures for navigating the device, using notifications and more. 488 more words

Major Project

Tinder: Keep swiping.

No, the subject is not travel-related, although for me it turned out to be. However, I warned you that from time to time I might express my opinion or tell a story about other subjects that caught my attention. 638 more words

Tinder swiping in real life

If you could swipe right or left for the things you liked would you?


It's a match!

It’s getting to the point on Tinder where I expect it to say “It’s a match!” every single time I swipe right. My pride takes a hit whenever nothing happens. 94 more words