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"Top 10" Signs that You're NOT Ready for a Relationship

A little pompous, perhaps.

I’ll admit it. But I’m going for the jugular. My “Top 10” signs that you’re not ready to be in a relationship. 161 more words


On my last project, I wanted to design one of the screens to look like Google Newsstand’s swiping tabs that were also scrollable and had an image between the ActionBar and the tabs.

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New trending GIF tagged no angry mad hit...

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This Simple Reason Is Why We're So Addicted To Tinder

I’ve always been a pretty bad flirter, so I took my lack of “positive” flirting skills and became great at “negative” flirting. Instead of telling a guy I was interested in that he looked great, I’d point out how the shirt he was wearing looked silly and kind of lame. 468 more words

What I Learned From Tinder

1) That some people don’t include face pics and still expect to get matches (same for pictures of random things).

2) That there are a lot of men called Nicola in the world. 172 more words