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What Does a Dating App Look Like?

Dating apps have grown in popularity over the recent years so it is important to dive deeper into the definition of a dating application. Dating apps focus on a user’s geographic area to find other users nearby which promotes users to meet up with their connections in real life. 345 more words


Introduction- From Matchmaking to Swiping

Online dating can be traced back to the birth of the internet when people had the ability to search for anything they wish. Two of the most popular early online dating websites are Match.com and eHarmony which worked to match users based on compatibility. 395 more words


Pen Pals

One of the worst things about online dating, or I guess dating in general is this weird ass group of men who only want to sext you and exchange pictures. 1,414 more words


The Douche Dating Guide

Women. Birds. Chicks. Call them what you want, all guys want one (or more than one, fellas, amiright?!). As well as being useful around the house once they’re caught and domesticated, they look lovely and are great to have around when you need a certain type of itch scratched. 1,371 more words

General Ramblings

Holiday Hot Hand

So this is a really quick post that I forgot to add-on Easter….

So if your on any of those dating apps and you don’t always go on, it is important to log in on a holiday. 132 more words

An introduction to SilverBeard

SilverBeard is tall, athletic, decent looking, without being drop-dead gorgeous, has a full head of dark hair and a bit of grey in his stubble – definitely swipe right material. 726 more words

GN and the unconfirmed dates

I was GN’s (short for Gnarly Nail as on our first meeting this thumb nail looked like it had taken a bashing – horrible nickname I know!) first ever Tinder date – he’d been single for about seven months, but hadn’t tried Tinder before. 1,126 more words