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#AllTypesAllSwipes for all genders

When it comes to gender, we live in a world where the definitions of male and female are not black and white. The gender spectrum… 271 more words


Swiper, no swiping!

Really Bob?! Tinder. Really?? Yep.

I have always been totally sceptical of dating sites. Just go out and meet someone you crazy person! I mean it already feels like searching for a needle in a haystack why make that haystack the size of the interweb, why burden yourself with an even more prominent sense of hopelessness?! 462 more words


The midlands 

So I’m back home from my jolly to the midlands.

My best friend is married and she was having fun swiping for me on tinder considering she knows my exact type. 156 more words


Swipe The Vote: Tinder gets political

By now, if you’re on dating apps you’ve got the definitions down pat. Left is for reject, right is for ‘hey, let’s hang out one night!’. 372 more words


The Things You Didn't Want to Know I was Thinking, but Now You Know...

Thing ONE

It’s 6:47, in the morning, and I’m about to smash leftover pizza and chips. I didn’t even go out last night. This is an entirely sober decision. 397 more words

Swiping for Social Discovery

When you’re on Tinder – why do do you swipe? Are you on the app for social discovery… or are you looking for love?

If you answered the latter, there are a few key statistics you need to know before your next swipe session. 464 more words


Love at First Swipe

In a technology based world, how do millennials find love? It’s no secret that for a good amount of millennials they aren’t spending so much time actually looking for love… but more time swiping for it. 584 more words