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Tinder: Keep swiping.

No, the subject is not travel-related, although for me it turned out to be. However, I warned you that from time to time I might express my opinion or tell a story about other subjects that caught my attention. 638 more words

Tinder swiping in real life

If you could swipe right or left for the things you liked would you?


It's a match!

It’s getting to the point on Tinder where I expect it to say “It’s a match!” every single time I swipe right. My pride takes a hit whenever nothing happens. 94 more words

DATING: 8 Tinder profiles to make you run for the hills

So I’m back on the “dating” app Tinder (it’s in inverted commas because I’m still not convinced if there are any genuine guys on there or if everyone is simply looking for a quick, easy hook-up!) and giving it a proper go and whilst I have my own hit list of things to avoid, from discussions with friends these are the top pictures we agreed we would definitely not be swiping right for. 160 more words


Jenny Q: Swiping, Tapping Smartphones Change Our Brain

When I first saw this study, I figured it had to be bad. That smartphones are turning us into robots or something. No – actually, compared to conventional phone users, … 93 more words


Innovation Watch: Elliptic Labs' Multi Layer Interaction Technology

Are you ready for the next-generation mobile gesture control? That’s right, swiping on your smartphones and tablets would inevitably be a thing of the past – what with “gesture recognition”! 69 more words



Hello you,

This is exactly the reason why I don’t show photo’s to my friends anymore, they just start looking into the whole photo album. Not cool.

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