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Here's Exactly Why Your Photos Are Making Hot Chicks Everywhere Swipe Left

Gentlemen of the app dating community, I know you don’t like defining, describing, or representing yourself publicly. Little known fact: No one does.

Writing your online dating profile, or compiling enough photos for your app dating profile is a chore, I get it. 2,796 more words

There's a Tinder for Art (And the Art Won't Ghost You)

There’s now a Tinder for art. And thankfully, you don’t need the art to like you back to get it to your place.

New app wydr launched in January and is seeking to democratize art buying by applying Tinder’s swiping interface to the judgment of pieces. 429 more words


Is one of your thumbs bigger than the other? Apparently, your smartphone could be the reason why

Excerpt from this article:

New research by the O2 Mobile Life Report claims that people who use their phones a lot may have seen the thumb in their dominant hand become bigger by as much as 15%.

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For every single guy in this blog, I could almost tell you their real names. Well everyone except for “The Family Man”.  I don’t remember what his name was but that is besides the point.   438 more words

The First Guy

Long distance relationships are (in my opinion) the worst. No matter how many everlasting moments the two of you share while you’re together, no matter the sweet but painful goodbyes and the “see you laters” the two of you exchange as you are both memorizing the other’s face; long distance relationships are horrible.   1,260 more words


My story is just like everybody elses.  A young woman in her 20s just looking for love or something that might resemble it.  Going on dates that are doomed from the initial swipe, meeting guys only to never hear from them again; swapping horrible blind date stories with your friends over a glass a wine; having your family constantly ask “so are you seeing someone?” Falling down in the dating world, only to wipe off the dust and jump right back into the dating scene. 72 more words

Why I hate Tinder.

Ever wondered what it’s like to use tinder? It’s like going to adopt a cute dog at a dog shelter but all that is left is some ugly old bastards.   566 more words