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This Simple Reason Is Why We're So Addicted To Tinder

I’ve always been a pretty bad flirter, so I took my lack of “positive” flirting skills and became great at “negative” flirting. Instead of telling a guy I was interested in that he looked great, I’d point out how the shirt he was wearing looked silly and kind of lame. 468 more words

What I Learned From Tinder

1) That some people don’t include face pics and still expect to get matches (same for pictures of random things).

2) That there are a lot of men called Nicola in the world. 172 more words


Tinder is Addicting and I need Help

So we’ve established that I’m a 20 something, and the title of this particular blog suggests that I’m more than a little single.

I was hanging out with a friend a few days ago –  one thing led to another and I now have a Tinder. 142 more words

Carmen's tips. #2 the power of swiping?

You may have heard of this app, Tinder.

I don’t really like to use it for dating, but the very concept of swiping to the… 367 more words


Dos and Donts of Looking Appealing on Tinder for Guys


DON’T: Big group photos are a no-no. This is a split second decision and I don’t want to take the time to figure out which one of the 50 you are. 387 more words

Life Tips

Quick Tip 23 - The Effects Toolbar

ArcGIS 10.2.2

So this is a neat toolbar I learned about while watching an ESRI training webinar on regression analysis. The effects toolbar lets you change the contrast, brightness, and transparency of a layer from a toolbar, as well as letting you ‘swipe’ a layer back and forth to compare two overlapping layers, and set a layer to flicker on and off. 336 more words

Quick Tips


The UI will be designed to be the stand-out feature to separate the device from the myriad of other Android devices. As the UI and the device has such a large emphasis on gestures, I thought I’d go over all the intended gestures for navigating the device, using notifications and more. 488 more words

Major Project