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Cabin Fever

It’s Cabin Fever Friday once again!  I remember having a Swiss Army Knife as a kid and being amazed at how many little tools could fit in one knife.  19 more words

Cabin Fever

A Little Leather Project

Here is a little leather project I just finished.  Enjoy

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The Swiss Army Knife of Swiss army Knives

The common comparison between a useful object and a swiss army knife is as old as the hills. It’s also a comparison made for a good reason. 216 more words

Half a million years ago, Homo erectus made prehistoric ‘Swiss Army knives’ here | The Times of Israel

Long term production site, with levels of progression, and what appears to be an almost apprenticeship program. Multiple styles and techniques found here, should be a fascinating site for years to come.


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Tricked-out Barbecue Will Make You Do a Spit Take

and his friends love to barbecue no matter what it’s like outside. But something always seems to interrupt the fun: either it’s time to get up and turn the meat, or the music stops because somebody’s phone ran out of juice, or darkness falls and there aren’t enough flashlights or charged-up phones. 241 more words

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Victorinox: a legacy that is skating on thin ice

I have to admit, while I had heard of the Swiss Army Knife and had always wanted to own one, I wasn’t aware of the company that manufactured it. 625 more words

What a wonderful knife

The Swiss army knife is still the best analogy to describe what CRISPR can do, according to STAT’s top-ten, and we can’t disagree. But please take a look at this revised picture from… 19 more words