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The Yeoman

This is the Yeoman by Victorinox (boy scout version). This was my very first swiss army knife, and I carried it EVERYWHERE. I wasn’t in scouts very long, but because of this knife, my EDC obsession started early. 117 more words


My Music Swiss Army Knife

As a music lover, I’m always looking for new and useful places and things to draw inspiration from. And because of the eternal ebb and flow of moods, emotions and thoughts, my taste in music is often too varied to pin down media and sources to inform my musical digestion. 302 more words


Pioneer X

I just got the new Pioneer X from Victorinox and I have to admit, it may be the most functional Swiss Army Knife ever made. 205 more words


Less Is More

This combo features the Spyderco Techno designed by Marcin Slysz, and the Olight S mini baton in bead blasted titanium.

The Techno was my first “nice” knife, and it remains one of my favorites today. 179 more words


Victorinox & Vox

I really like this combo of the Odino by Viper Knives, the red Swiss Army Cadet by Victorinox, and the Xclusive handkerchief by Cranky Hanky Co. 170 more words


5 Travel Accessories That Could Save Your Life

Stay Safe On The Go

Sometimes the only way we’ll get from making a bucket list to ✅ing said bucket list is through spontanaity, acting on passion (or terror of another year come and gone), and saying “yes” to unplanned opportunities. 129 more words


The Way to Chicago

I sprinted through the streets. The heavy backpack I carried made it difficult for me to balance myself, but I could manage it. After all, I was used to run like hell. 1,275 more words