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Today's Delicious Moment

There are lots of benefits to being the kind of ESL teacher I am. I work for a private company that caters to adults (at least from an age perspective, though not always based on actually maturity) who expressly came to Toronto to learn English for varying lengths of time.  104 more words

Aspirations, Reflections, Perfection


Raging around and through you is an immense, all pervading, cosmos spanning battle between:

  • Asha (truth, order, justice, creation and righteousness) and
  • Druj (falsehood, deceit, chaos, natural decay and the lie).
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Writing Tips

McSweeney! And We Like It!

Wasn’t much of a neighborhood ’til
McSweeney bought his bride once
he’d purchased the deli. Bought her
a plane ticket from Pakistan to JFK.

They say she misses her country’s… 89 more words


What you wanted...

How many times have you been sooo frustrated because you wanted something but it’s just so hard to get and you don’t know where and how to start just to have it? 857 more words

Something Lovely

10 Chocolate Bars of Worth

I once contemplated taking time out in a Buddhist nunnery to find myself and get away from the rat race. I read the rules: No sex, alcohol, caffeine, or chocolate… 862 more words


Toblerone Cake

Yummmyyy yes you did see it right a really big bar of Swiss Toblerone and 1/4 of it goes into this cake.

I started to make this Chocolate chip cake when I notice all the chocolate chips are gone…… 161 more words


Being unemployed

Means looking your holiday photos again and again

my zermatt holiday fulfill my soul with peace . Clean and fresh weather , beautiful nature , marvellous mountains, no cars , no trafic , less people , good food … … 70 more words