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Zurich, Switzerland

Zach was scheduled to work in Switzerland for the week, so we decided to make a small trip out of it and went early Saturday morning and explored Zurich until he left for Schaffhausen on Monday. 434 more words


Chocolate Country

Travelling to a new country always means the same thing: concentration levels up, energy levels way, way, way down. Every small thing you do like checking cars before crossing the road or finding your way back home takes conscious concentration to do. 463 more words


10 things to do, when you're in Geneva

Today I have some new, hot stuff for you. As you can read in my previous blog post, we’ve been to Geneva. I’ve recognized that there are many things to do in Geneva but there is nothing which is like “Oh we have to go to Geneva because there is this-and-that”. 351 more words

English Translations

À bientôt

Feelings of sadness overwhelmed me as I began my final week with the family. The Friday before I left, they very kindly let me have the day off to visit Switzerland. 911 more words


Swiss chocolate, sunburn, snow, cervelas (actually cervala – not plural at a price of €6 each), cowbells and swans; pretty much sums up our visit to Switzerland. 512 more words

souvenir part 4

After being lucky to try the Caribbean souvenirs by sister brought back from her trip, I got more souvenirs. This time it is some kind of colorful cookie from Thailand. 52 more words