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LAYOVER: Snowy Peaks and Sweet Treats in Boston, Switzerland

For much of this week, I’ve been in Boston tooting around while my husband attends a conference, which has given me occasion to play tourist outside the bounds of NYC. 417 more words

New York

Day 5: Up to New Heights

The hotel we stayed at in Interlaken was probably our favorite through the whole trip. The accommodations were simple, but it was run more like a hostel or bed and breakfast than a hotel, and we love that type of charm. 1,506 more words


Slipping on a chocolate corset

Take a really close look at this beautiful corset – the detail is amazing, the craftsmanship exquisite and if you were to put it on and stand in a warm room it would slip right off you… well, it would slither off you more like, because this beautiful garment is made entirely of chocolate… have a look at this one… the things you can do with dark chocolate! 64 more words

Hotel Hauser

Europe Trip: Day 10: Traveling to France

Our hotel, the Belvedere, offers free ice skating and rock climbing. Unfortunately, poor Annalisa woke up with a terrible migraine. Anyone gets these knows how bad it can be. 683 more words

Cailler: Calling All Chocolate Lovers

When you think of Switzerland, what comes to mind? Perhaps the Swiss Alps, noted for their natural beauty and abundant ski resorts. Or maybe your mind’s eye brings fine, handcrafted clocks and watches into focus. 247 more words

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