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Chocolate Snob Already?

This post is inspired by my breakfast this morning. I had a milchkaffee (coffee with steamed milk) and an erdnussbutter-schneke (peanut butter cinnamon roll, hold the cinnamon), but that is not what this post is about. 206 more words


Cailler = Chocolate

I exit the car and the door closes with a nice thud, then the smell of smooth, rich and creamy melting chocolate filled my senses and my head was full of visions of chocolate waterfalls and fairies playing with unicorns in chocolate paradise.   210 more words


Swiss Delicacy

Since moving to Switzerland almost 3 months ago, I have come to learn that almost anything the Swiss do, they do flawlessly, and they definitely did not stop at their world renowned chocolate. 275 more words


More coffee capers and other stories

Given that we are coming to the middle of the fourth week of school over here, I have really enjoyed looking at all the bright smiles of young ones going off to start their new terms in the UK this week – I know that we all have our favourite back drop for pics and the children will tell you that I am always saying ‘ stand in front of the door so I can get a pic of you off to school/ going on a school trip/ going to a fancy dress party/on DofE (delete as appropriate) you know the pattern.  1,248 more words


Cleveland Browns Makeup Look ft: MAC and Nicole Guierro "134" lashes

In honor of the Cleveland Browns pre-season wins I’ve decided to do a makeup looked based on the team colors. I think it turned out fantastic! 67 more words

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Abbey of St. Gallen

May 1, 2017

An abbey and a church that is more than a thousand years old, this is one of the key landmarks of St. Gallen. 191 more words


10 Facts About Caotina - Swiss Drinking Chocolate

I first became familiar with Caotina at a hospital in the Swiss canton of Vaud. My son, who was three years old at the time, was taking part in a food challenge for cold cow’s milk. 532 more words

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