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10 Chocolate Bars of Worth

I once contemplated taking time out in a Buddhist nunnery to find myself and get away from the rat race. I read the rules: No sex, alcohol, caffeine, or chocolate… 862 more words


Toblerone Cake

Yummmyyy yes you did see it right a really big bar of Swiss Toblerone and 1/4 of it goes into this cake.

I started to make this Chocolate chip cake when I notice all the chocolate chips are gone…… 161 more words


Being unemployed

Means looking your holiday photos again and again

my zermatt holiday fulfill my soul with peace . Clean and fresh weather , beautiful nature , marvellous mountains, no cars , no trafic , less people , good food … … 70 more words

Lil Swiss Sunshine

After a lovely 11 hour bus ride, we were finally in paradise, and by paradise I mean the actual most expensive country in the world. Where their cheese and chocolate are as fine as their Swiss Bankers. 503 more words


Maison Cailler

I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get here. But finally, on a stormy Sunday, we made the short trek over to Lac de la Gruyere (yes, famous for the awesome cheese) in order to experience the highest experience in a chocolate-lover’s life – the chocolate factory. 589 more words



Normally, I don’t plan on making two posts in two days, but, today is my birthday, so I figure I can do whatever I want. Even though 21 doesn’t have any particular significance here in Switzerland, I’m still going to play by American birthday rules. 496 more words

Fondue & Swiss Mountains

We wanted to do something different, we had a long weekend booked off work and didn’t want to just spend our time at home. I have never considered visiting Switzerland before and when James said what about Geneva I didn’t really know what to expect. 515 more words