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For the love of chocolate - inside a Swiss chocolate factory

The last time I was taken to a chocolate factory, I ate myself sick and drew little more than disapproving glances from my mother. But I was also ten at that time and didn’t know Lotte from Lindt. 857 more words


Sweet tooth's heaven: Maison Cailler

Are you sweet-tooth? Do you like chocolate? If the answer is yes, Maison Cailler is a place to visit. This chocolate factory is located in French-speaking part of Switzerland, in a tiny village of Broc in canton Freiburg. 379 more words


Two ingredient chocolate mousse

Living in the land of chocolate certainly has its benefits. The chocolate section of the grocery store probably accounts for 10% of the overall merchandise and no one bats an eyelash if you purchase several pounds of rich chocolat. 579 more words


Update: I'm still eating candy

… I’ve just been over capacity for the past week or so, and, unfortunately, when you start auditing what you can and can’t cut, sometimes candy bar blogging gets short shrift. 87 more words


Switzerland Adventures

Here is a video of my weekend trip to Switzerland! I loved Switzerland because it has so much natural beauty. This was the second country, not including the United States, that I traveled to while studying abroad.

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Let you tempted by the best Swiss chocolates from Läderach

Läderach has built its reputation on artisanal fresh chocolate creation since 1962. This family-owned company has been fast growing but remind meticulous on the quality of its creations. 71 more words


Interlaken: land of chocolate and snow.

If I was told the world was going to end tomorrow- I’d probably spend my last 24 hours in Switzerland. 378 more words