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Chocolate walk in Geneva

This is only one example of the Chocolate Walks I organize in Swiss cities like in Lausanne, and this one in Geneva.

I guide the tourists through the most interesting chocolatiers, explain their background and anecdotes. 96 more words


The Poet Is In

A Chocolate Bar

Harlequin breakable

Swiss guards imagined

For a magnesium


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Teuscher Chocolatier: December Destination Decadence

Teuscher Chocolatier

620 Fifth Avenue,

New York 10020


Monday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 11am- 6pm

Happy December! Although the weather is still a bit confused about what season we’re in, New York retailers certainly are not. 464 more words

Walking Through the Weekend: Interlaken, Switzerland

Swiss Cheesin

Chocolate making

View from the Alps

Paragliding through the town

MY GOAL HAS BEEN MET!!! #20under20 is now complete and I couldn’t have asked for a better country to reach it!!! 159 more words


1YoT: Switzerland

Our last trip from Bologna was to Switzerland, a country Inna and I were hesitant to visit because it is ridiculously expensive and we need to make our money last all year. 1,027 more words


Today's Delicious Moment

There are lots of benefits to being the kind of ESL teacher I am. I work for a private company that caters to adults (at least from an age perspective, though not always based on actually maturity) who expressly came to Toronto to learn English for varying lengths of time.  104 more words

Aspirations, Reflections, Perfection


Raging around and through you is an immense, all pervading, cosmos spanning battle between:

  • Asha (truth, order, justice, creation and righteousness) and
  • Druj (falsehood, deceit, chaos, natural decay and the lie).
  • 214 more words
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