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Future Uncertain for Swiss Private Banks

Switzerland’s private banks and wealth managers are under increasing pressure after the recent appreciation of the currency. After the Swiss National Bank decided to abandon the euro cap on the Swiss franc, the currency soared briefly before returning back to more moderate levels . 346 more words


What about Switzerland and those with Swiss Franc mortgages in Eastern Europe?

One of the features of the credit crunch era has been the rise and rise of the Swiss Franc. At a time when many countries are trying to lower their currency – currently the Euro area and Japan for example – it has been something which they have been able to fall against. 1,473 more words

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The Chinese Tilt Their Hand

This is a bad idea. A really bad idea.

For starters the Chinese are revealing their intentions, ‘eyeing the Emperor’s cauldrons’ as it were. There is and will continue to be a backlash. 251 more words


Unraveling the Mystery of Oil and the Swiss Franc

By Vitaliy Katsenelson – Re-Blogged From IMA Portfolio Management

I want to preface my article with a short excerpt from one of my favorite books, … 1,110 more words

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The Danish Currency: A Real Scandalanavia

March 6, 2015

Short-term interest rates in Denmark are negative. The country maintains a peg between its currency and the euro. In my latest article for Seeking Alpha I look at the state of the Danish currency and explain why I think it is only a matter of time until the peg is abandoned. 30 more words


Crisis Progress Report (4), by Robert Gore

Today’s debt is tomorrow’s claim on future production, the unbreakable nexus between debt and production. If debt is incurred for a productive purpose and the return is higher than the interest rate charged, it adds to economic growth. 1,270 more words


How much drawdown is too much?

I had a good week this week.  But I experienced once again something which I have seen quite often when some trades extend longer than anticipated. 472 more words