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Economist 12/29/15

  1. LAST month Kai Krause, a computer-graphics guru, caused a stir with a map entitled “The True Size of Africa”, which showed the outlines of other countries crammed into the outline of the African continent.
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15 charts that defined 2015 in financial markets

Before you start, ‘yes’ there are probably more charts that define 2015 in financial markets. But, at least I tried!

1. Swiss Bond Madness

‘Swissification was born after an admirable, but otherwise hopeless, attempt by the SNB to ‘protect’ the Swiss franc from strengthening too much after it dropped the cap against the euro. 291 more words


Indicator Currencies

A couple of weeks ago on ZeroHedge, I happened to read a chart they nicked from BofA Merrill Lynch. Observe:

And just to be Captain Obvious, the chart is inverted as the South African Rand is not exactly a bastion of strength in light of the continued run on commodities. 644 more words


AUDCHF: Testing Year lows

The central bank of Australia (RBA) has highlighted the beneficial impact of the weakening dollar on the domestic economic sectors. It said the currency’s slide is actually helping in the transition of Australian economy to move into a new phase from the mining boom, besides accelerating exports. 148 more words


EURCHF: Making a six-month high

Euro zone finance ministers gave their final approval to lending Greece up to 86 billion euros after the parliament in Athens agreed to stiff conditions overnight. 217 more words


Inside The Swiss Franc LIBOR Rate Rigging Chatroom: 6 Years Of Manipulation

One of the nice things about the multitude of lawsuits and settlements surrounding the concerted effort by Wall Street’s largest banks to manipulate the world’s most important benchmark rates is they’ve produced a… 185 more words

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