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Why Switzerland’s central bank just lost $52 billion

Most banks around the world couldn’t survive losing $50 billion in six months. But most banks don’t print their own money.

The Swiss National Bank, Switzerland’s central bank, … 170 more words


The Swiss central bank suffered a record loss from the strong franc and weak gold

Unusually, Switzerland’s central bank has private shareholders and a listing on the stock exchange. Although it otherwise operates like a normal central bank, this is an important wrinkle. 299 more words

Swatch shows there's plenty of time left for non-smart watches

The numbers: Ticking along. Headline profit in the first half of this year fell by nearly 20% versus the previous year, which doesn’t sound like a great result for the Swiss watch group. 249 more words

News on the Apple Watch

Reports out this past week indicate that the launch of the Apple Watch has not gone very well.  Despite much fanfare surrounding its Spring 2015 launch, sustainable sales for this item have been elusive thus far. 322 more words

Emerging Markets for Luxury Brands

International brands in all products as well as luxury fashion labels are having major challenges right now.  While technology brands such as Google, Apple, and Facebook seem to be doing just fine, luxury brands in fashion are having their challenges.  511 more words

Charts from May 15th, 2015

AUD/CAD is the slowest pair in the world. I don’t know a single soul that has ever said “I love trading the AUD/CAD!”. Nevertheless, it had a pretty clean break of the triangle and held the re-test for now. 169 more words

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