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For those of you who are interested, I just thought I’d make a shameless plug for one of my husband’s albums:  It’s taken us a while to get it up and running due to the complexities of publishing rights and Swiss-pocket-sized publishers, etc., but “ 76 more words


Swiss German Cases (Basics)


What are cases? Basically in English, you pretty much always use the word “the” as an article. So the man, the car, the baby etc. 729 more words

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Destination: Zurich, another home.

Now may I continue my blog about our mid-year holiday (sorry backlog) from my husband’s turf this time.  From the south of Switzerland, see this for… 641 more words

My Destin(Y)ations!

Speaking Out Loud

Step 2. Phonetics

I started trying to learn Swiss German using the Pimsleur Swiss German CD course. However, once I had thoroughly exhausted that resource, I was a bit stumped on how to proceed with my studies.

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Where to Start?

Step 1. Pimsleur Swiss German CDs

I started trying to learn Swiss German about a month or two ago. Before that, my Swiss friends would teach me a word here or there but at that point I wasn’t seriously trying to learn anything (I was quite preoccupied with the crazy amounts of chemistry I had to cram in my head for uni).

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Multilingualism: Switzerland’s unique selling point


By Gabrielle Hogan-Brun

JAN 23, 2017


The ability to speak more than one language is one of the more notable strengths of the Swiss people and economy. 390 more words

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