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The Swiss Lawyer Who Shattered My Heart

I dated a Swiss German man in 2016. It wasn’t a really long dating process even though it lasted for about 4 months because we’d only seen each other twice in 2016. 1,661 more words


Chumm, mir wei ga Chrieseli gwünne

Learn to sing this beautiful Swiss children’s song about gathering cherries.  I’ll sing it myself the first time. The second time, I’ll prompt you line by line call-and-response-style.   27 more words


Pronunciation Exercise: Chumm, mir wei ga Chrieseli gwünne

This is a pronunciation exercise to help you learn the Swiss German children’s song, “Chumm, mir wei ga Chrieseli gwünne”


Phonetic Lyrics & Translation: Chumm, mir wei ga Chrieseli gwünne

Key: = guttural ch sound, “eoo” = German ü

US English Phonetic Lyrics:

  1.   oehm meer vay goh reesely gvuhneh
  2. vase am en ort gahr greoosely foe…
  3. 105 more words

Vom Chueche, Fudis und dem Duhbehuus / How Swiss German is finding its way into our family

(English version (kind of) follows below)

Eine der größten Umgewöhnungen für mich bei unserem Umzug in die Schweiz vor fast vier Jahren war zugegebenermaßen die Sprache. 749 more words


How (Not) To Learn A Foreign Language

My most commonly made mistakes made while trying to learn a foreign language.

“So… do you speak German yet?” This well meaning yet grating question has been uttered to me over and over again since the ink was dry on my expat contract. 1,622 more words


Swiss Expressions

Wir lieben Helvetismen – heute: “Chatzkanonevolle”. Das Kozept ist einfach – wenn du chatzkanonevolle bist, dann bist du schlicht und einfach sturzbetrunken. Aber chatzkanonevolle klingt doch viel cooler, oder? 67 more words