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I wonder how the Swiss system can survive.  It’s fraught with French and German.  Perhaps it’s saving grace is that people can have the momentary choice between Colloquial German vs French. 103 more words

Bernese (Alemannic) - Der chly Prinz

   Translator: Lorenz Pauli

Ah! Chlyne Prinz, naadisnaa han i dys schwäre Läbe afa versta. Lang hesch du di nume mit de sanfte Sunnenundergäng chönne ablänke. Das han i am Morge vom vierte Tag erfahre. 71 more words


What I've Learned So Far on the Language of Switzerland

If you are somebody that doesn’t know anything about Switzerland or it’s history, I can teach you a thing or two as I am slowly becoming obsessed with Swiss culture. 275 more words

Swiss German (Alemannic) - D' Monätn

D’ MONÄTN (The Months) / ‘S JOHR (The Year)

January: Januar

February: Februar

March: Merz

April: April

May: Mai

June: Juni

July: Juli

August: Auguscht… 11 more words


Swiss German (Alemannic) - D' Wuch

D’ DAEN (The days) / D’ WUCH (The Week)

Monday: Määntig

Tuesday: Ziischtig

Wednesday: Mittwuch

Thursday: Dunschtig

Friday: Friitig

Saturday: Samschtig

Sunday: Sunntig


And So, It Begins...Learning Swiss German and Canadian French

The main character in my upcoming NaNoWriMo novel hails from Zürich, and, in doing research of that city, I’ve found I’d quite like to visit someday. 270 more words


Swiss German (Alemannic) -De Zaeln

  1. Eis
  2. Zwöi
  3. Drü
  4. Vier
  5. Füf
  6. Sächs
  7. Sibe
  8. Acht
  9. Nüün
  10. Zäh
  11. Euf
  12. Zwüof
  13. Dryzäh
  14. Vierzäh
  15. Füfzäh
  16. Sächszäh
  17. Sibezäh
  18. Achtzäh
  19. Nüünzäh
  20. Zwänzg
  21. Einezwänzg
  22. Zwöiezwänzg
  23. Drüezwänzg
  24. Vierezwänzg
  25. Füfezwänzg…
  26. 26 more words