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Greetings and a few other things

Gruetzi, Gruetzi Wohl, Gruetzi Mitenand, Guten morge, Guten abig, Hallo, Hoi, Hoi Zäme, Sali … these are just a few of the greetings that I’ve had to learn the last couple of weeks and every time I think I’ve mastered the greetings, I’ll walk past someone and be greeted with something completely new. 908 more words



Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog!

In this blog post, I want to write about the English accent and how it made my life a little bit more difficult, but also made my uni experience a lot funnier. 494 more words

Swiss German (Alemannic) - (Seasons of the year)

(Seasons of the year)

Spring: Fryhling

Summer: Summer

Autumn: Härbscht

Winter: Winter



The things I do for blog post fodder.

I’m mostly kidding, but sometimes I do look around me at whatever weird Swiss antics I’m up to this week and think that I need to write this up. 758 more words

15 things I've learnt about Switzerland: part 2

With just three days left before I go back home to South Africa, I felt the need to pen more things I have learned in the land of chocolate and cheese. 1,306 more words