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Smallest Country in the World ~ Vatican ~ Rome Series, Part 4

Measuring just 0.2 square miles (100 acres), the Vatican is the world’s smallest country according to land mass. Completely walled, it is tucked neatly within the city of Rome, with nary a single street address.   1,077 more words


Keberanian, Kedisiplinan dan Kesetiaan Garda Swiss Paus, Vatican

Kota Vatican tidak hanya dikenal sebagai sebagai kota terkecil di dunia dengan luas 44 hektar dan berada di tengah-tengah negara Itali. Akan tetapi Kota Vatican juga mempunyai berbagai tempat wisata yang menjadi tujuan favorit para turis di seluruh dunia. 546 more words

Si Penjelajah Dunia

Thursday Doors - 10.20.2016

 Swiss Guard at the Papal Residence Door. Vatican City. For Norm’s Thursday Doors.


Knights Templar: Switzerland

Is there any connection between Knights Templar and Switzerland?

The “Old Swiss Confederation” was born on the 1st August 1291.

In 1280, the French Monarchy was in conflict with the Templar’s, so it was inevitable issues would come to a head. 548 more words


Connections: August 22

The Swiss Guard of the park

hissed that he would bust us

we maintained our innocence

but still he didn’t trust us.

All we wanted was photos… 15 more words



From the movie GLADIATOR

Marcus Aurelius: Are you ready to do your duty for Rome?

Commodus: Yes, father.

Marcus Aurelius: You will not be emperor. 406 more words

Irish Man In The Middle East