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The Stand of the Swiss Guard

In 1506, a small contingent of 150 Swiss soldiers of fortune began serving as papal bodyguards. 512 years later, the Swiss Guard continues to serve as the official watchmen for Vatican City, upholding a proud tradition of defending the pope. 464 more words

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Fun Facts and Inspiration for January 16

Fun Facts and Inspiration for January 16


“It takes 20 years to make an overnight success.”       Eddie Cantor

Did you know that…

Early in the 16th Century, Michelangelo designed The Vatican’s Swiss Guard uniform.  287 more words

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While I'm waiting...

I sent off my next 2 rolls of 120 film to my developers down in Plymouth on Saturday. Since the first 2 rolls gave me a couple of decent pics, I’m hoping for the same from these. 128 more words

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Man detained by Pentecostal ushers for crucifix possession

PENSACOLA, FL — Jeremy Lloyd has been detained and subjected to weeks of perpetual Pentecostal worship and re-education for carrying an illegal crucifix onto church grounds. 88 more words

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Infinity Aquila Guard finished!

Super quick update today, finished my Aquila Guard for my small (but growing) Infinity PanOceania force. Pretty pleased with the results! Here he is:

I really like the posing on this guy, the way the jacket is flowing, you can almost hear the howling wind blowing down the boulevard while he locks onto his next target with his sensors. 93 more words

Pope Welcomes New Swiss Guard Recruits to Vatican

On May 6th of every year, new Swiss recruits are welcomed by the Pope with an elaborate ceremony. This year in front of an audience from Switzerland, 40 new recruits were sworn in before they start formal education at the Vatican. 21 more words

St Peter’s Square, Vatican City in Rome

After spending several hours inside the Vatican Museums we came back out and walked around the outside of the Vatican’s walls towards St Peter’s Square :) 194 more words