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This fund’s investment performance rivals Bitcoin, puts Warren Buffett to shame. | The Daily Bell

The odd thing is one of the main purposes of central banking is to pay for war.

Switzerland doesn’t do war. So who gets the money and what do they do with it? 572 more words

Who owns the Swiss National Bank?

A feature of pretty much any discussion about a central bank is that someone invariably pops up and claims that it is privately owned. This comes with the implication that dark forces are at work. 1,263 more words

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The SNB Just Made $133,000,000 In One Morning On Its Apple Shares (Sort Of)

There’s been no shortage of discussion about the Swiss National Bank over the past couple of weeks.

I don’t want to turn this into an FX post, but long story short, they’re probably pretty pleased with the euro’s relentless appreciation against the franc, as the higher EURCHF climbs, the less they have to worry about intervening. 344 more words