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Swiss politician Christoph Blocher escapes knife attack uninjured

VIENNA – A senior official in the right-wing Swiss People’s Party, Christoph Blocher, escaped unharmed after being attacked by a man carrying a knife after a political debate in Zurich on Saturday, Zurich police said. 100 more words


A wealthy Swiss village has chosen to pay a $300,000 fine rather than accept just 10 refugees

Faced with the choice of taking in handful of refugees or paying a hefty fine, a Swiss village opted for the fine.

Residents of Oberwil-Lieli—which has 300 millionaires in its population of 2,200—voted against taking in a government-imposed quota of asylum seekers in… 243 more words

Swiss voters 'reject' plan to expel foreigners for minor crimes

People in Switzerland are on course to reject a plan to automatically expel foreigners who commit minor crimes, early projections suggest. The proposal has been put forward by the right-wing Swiss People’s Party. 223 more words

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Nationalist party gets 2nd seat in Swiss government after election win, pushes executive right

Associated Press

DECEMBER 9, 2015 — 5:40AM

GENEVA — The nationalist Swiss People’s Party has won a second seat in Switzerland’s seven-member government following an election victory in October, pushing the country’s executive a bit further right. 112 more words

Those Bigoted Swiss!

How dare they not vote in favor of opening their borders to just anyone who wants to waltz on in!

Courtesy of the Telegraph: 548 more words

Support for the Swiss anti-immigration party SVP and actual share of immigrants

In the graph above I have plotted the share of immigrants in Swiss cantons and the percentage of votes for the Swiss People’s Party in the Swiss federal elections of October 16. 69 more words

Anti-immigration Swiss People's Party win Swiss legislative election

GENEVA – The Swiss federal government has confirmed a dominant performance in legislative elections by a nationalist party that seized on widespread concerns about mass migration in Europe, marking a shift to the political right. 107 more words