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Assos iJ.bonKa.6 Cento fit jacket

What’s your view on climate change? Because, you know, in certain countries you may never need to wear this jacket. Indeed, if it lasts as long as I think it will, then even the Swiss may not be able to make use of it. 2,070 more words


The good, the bad, and the Jogürtli

The past four days have been both a dairy-induced dreamscape, and a Brazil-level bureaucratic nightmare.

Let’s get the bad (read: weird) stuff out of the way first. 569 more words


Why I Did an Exchange

I have always had a soul for travel, whether it be daydreaming myself exploring the dense Amazon Forest, or more simply never leaving a family camping trip up the coast. 365 more words


A Cure for Wellness (Verbinski; 2017)

Gore Verbinski is hardly a novice director.  He is the one who was in the director’s chair for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl… 809 more words

Movie Review

5 Swiss things to try

Hey you there!

Here is an article about 5 Swiss things that you must try! Hope you like it!

You probably expect me to say something like chocolate fondue, regular fondue or raclette … Obviously yes! 674 more words

How to Make Gschwellti: A Lesser-Known Swiss Dish

When I ask Swiss people what their favorite dish is from their home country, they often mention raclette or fondue. Although recently, when I asked a lifelong resident of Switzerland this question, she responded with, “ 545 more words