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What If There Were No Toilets?

Could you imagine what would happen if there were no toilets? The fertile imagination of some persons might want to suggest that all we would need to do to cope with this is to have every human being wear pampers! 608 more words

I made the switch

I had the iphone 4 for about 2 years. I decided to get the Note 4 instead of the iphone 6. A majority of my friends are iphone users so I did feel left out when people were imessaging and using airdrop. 241 more words

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Switch Based on Contact (SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT)

by : Antonius (@sw0rdm4n)

Understanding switch types is very important when developing an electronic circuit. Below is just several example of switches (not a complete list) classified by pole(s) and throw(s). 336 more words


Troubleshooting a code upgrade - Cisco 2960

So I recently had a huge networking project where not everything went smoothly. Some of the switches that we upgraded the code on did not take the first time. 258 more words


Upgrading Code on a Cisco 2960-XR

So I recently had a project where I had to upgrade just under 100 switches in less than a week. I thought I would share an easy way to upgrade code, granted that these were brand new out of the box switches, you can still apply the same concepts to production switches. 583 more words


Internet News 25MAY15

  • Mondo – Mobile Firs Bank. A bank that belongs on our smartphone, not on the high street. A bank that truly keeps us informed and in control, rather than trying to catch us out with fees and charges.
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