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A solitary switch press misses filling displays in XCOM 2

Sectoids dislike this technique.

Well this is merely daft. You understand those post-mission filling screens in XCOM 2? The ones that offer you a wonderful little summary of how the mission went, yet have the tendency to remain for just a little also long? 15 more words


A single switch press skips loading displays in XCOM 2

Sectoids hate this trick.

Well this is just daft. You know those post-mission loading screens in XCOM 2? The ones that give you a nice little summary of how the mission went, but tend to stick around for just a little too long? 19 more words


VTP Password

Let me add the final piece to our VTP puzzle. We have understood and configured VTP, optimized it with VTP pruning and now let’s make it more secure by configuring VTP Password. 532 more words


Ethernet: Collision Domains and Switch Buffering

A collision domain is a group of network devices that can send frames to each other that can potentially collide with frames sent by each device.   159 more words


Swiss researchers create an optical switch with 1 silver atom

This discovery has the potential to redefine the manufacturing processes of electronic gadgets.

Although miniaturization has been today’s electronics ridiculously small, but what would definitely take the cake, is the… 213 more words

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Dear Male Dancers Who Follow... an Open Letter.

I am currently social (swing, blues, fusion*) dancing on a sprained wrist, and as a result, I caught some of my own bias around role selection and gender. 1,441 more words

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