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Swiss group says it has signatures for 'sovereign money' vote


ZURICH | By John Miller

A Swiss group pushing a sovereign money initiative on grounds it will make the country’s banking system more secure has collected 100,000 signatures necessary to eventually put the matter to a popular vote, it said on Saturday. 294 more words

Cookie Paradise

Bigger, better, faster, stronger – this year’s cookie competition was fierce. There were rainbows. There were unicorns. There were rock’n’roll gingermen, fortune cookies, buttons, snow wars, strips of bacon and much more! 146 more words


Our Love/Hate Relationship with BlaBla car

Blablacar.com is the website Europeans use as an alternative to expensive trains, buses, and planes. It’s basically carpooling with a fee. We go to the website, look for the city we are travelling to, enter the date of our travels, and see how many people are offering rides. 764 more words


How do Negative Interest Rates affect economies and the ordinary person?

On Thursday we are expecting to see a further dip into the icy-cold world of negative interest-rates made by the European Central Bank. After all the hints and promises made by its President Mario Draghi its deposit rate is expected to fall from the current -0.2% to either -0.3% or -0.4%. 1,389 more words

General Economics

Straight like a Swiss!

Some weeks ago I was with my family and another friend family in a park in Wettingen.
As in every nice playground in the Confederation, there were a lot of amenities for children: slide, swings, installations allowing kids to climb on wooden structures, nets, and so on. 136 more words


Dissertations – Electroconvulsive Therapy and Its Devices

Max Gawlich: “Electroconvulsive Therapy and Its Devices”

In 1939 a wave of enthusiasm swept through the asylums of Europe. Machines and circuit diagrams originating from Italy, but often only the idea of electrically induced convulsions seized the imagination of psychiatrists.

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Trois Dames IPA (317 of 1001)

Rating: 3.9

The final Swiss beer of the seven from the 1001 beers list that I managed to try while in Basel recently, this one being the first and only beer from the Trois Dames brewery that I managed to get hold of; although I believe the Drinks of the World shop where I got most of my beers did stock a few more from them, I just didn’t have enough time to pick any up.  587 more words