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Despite Certain Reports, I Did Not Chainsaw A Bunch of People In Switzerland Over The Weekend

I know this looks bad, I get it. You never want to look like someone who just went on a chainsaw rampage but like I said, I swear to God that man is not me. 407 more words

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Kid Runs Away To Switzerland Because Of Bad Report Card Grade

Anyone who has gotten a bad grade has experienced the bad anxiety of their parents finding out.

When I knew my report card was coming in the mail, I would have anxiety until it arrived. 106 more words


More than 100 police are hunting a man who lives in the woods over a chainsaw attack on a health insurance firm in Switzerland

More than 100 Swiss police officers are hunting an alleged chainsaw attacker who injured five people at the offices of a health insurance company on Monday morning. 508 more words


Chainsaw Attack in Switzerland

Reuters news agency reports that a chainsaw-wielding attacker who mostly lived in the woods stormed into an insurance office in a Swiss town on Monday, wounding two members of staff and three other people before fleeing. 79 more words

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Paléo Festival, Nyon || Paléo Festival, Nyon

Mid-July is a date known by everyone in Nyon as Paléo festival. The whole town comes to a stop with people booking the week off work to see their favourite bands play in a rainy field. 613 more words

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A stroll to "Lej da Staz"

Yesterday we took a leisurely stroll (45 minutes) under blue skies from “Celerina” (the village next to St. Moritz) up to the mountain lake “Lej da Staz”. 48 more words


We're off on our Summer Holidays!

After packing, tiding up the house and garden, making sure the cat and post are being looked after, it was time for half the family to catch the train off to Zuoz our summer holiday destination in the Swiss alps. 73 more words


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