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Swords in the News: Confederate sword returns to Corinth, Mississippi

The sword of a Confederate officer leading the last charge of the 2nd Texas Infantry at the Second Battle of Corinth returns to the scene of the casualty. 380 more words

19th Century

Books of the Sword: Talhoffer's Königsegger Codex

For some reason, we missed the publication of this great resource two years ago.

Which doesn’t diminish the quality and relevance of this first-ever publication of Talhoffer’s Königsegger Codex at all… 446 more words


Dark Age Mayhem: Bet you can't just read one

A restored Roman helmet…

A mass grave of beheaded Jomsviking mercenaries… 

The remains of a high-ranking warrior, along with his sword, axe and other items… 220 more words


Swords in the News: Viking Sword Found in Melhus, Norway

A Happy V-Day to you, too!

Happy Viking Sword Day, that is…

A few lucky construction workers in Melhus, Norway, stumbled over a piece of rusted metal that made their hearts beat faster… 95 more words


Swords in the News: Admiral Nelson's Sword Found... Underwater?

To the hardcore xiphomachophiliac, there’s only one thing better than finding a great old sword.

Finding a great old sword that once belonged to a great old man. 153 more words

19th Century

Antique Weapons Update: Saddam's Sword Sold

There’s no accounting for taste.

Two weeks ago, we alerted you to the opportunity of buying a sword once owned by the late Saddam Hussein. 231 more words

20th Century

Swords in the News: Mother of all Swords to be auctioned

We can’t say for sure if the Swords of Qādisīyah are or aren’t in place any more. But one of the late Saddam Hussein’s other swords, … 127 more words

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