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News: Epidiah Ravachol's Worlds Without Master

Hello folks, post off the normal schedule today, but with good reason. I’m happy to tell you that one of my short stories has been published by… 284 more words

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Racers Without Master: A Fast & Furious hack

One week ago, Ryan Macklin launched the Furious Game Jam on his blog. The idea is to hack an existing tabletop roleplaying game to be like the… 1,292 more words


My glum and jovial discovery of Swords Without Master

Swords Without Master is a game by Epidiah Ravachol designed to emulate the classic sword-and-sorcery, weird fiction, pulp adventure tales typified by Robert E. Howard’s… 2,428 more words

Swords Without Master

Pictures as character aspects in Fate

The Fate Core rulebook defines an aspect as “a phrase that describes something unique or noteworthy about whatever it’s attached to”.

But in many cases pictures could be used instead of phrases, and they would work as aspects just as well. 1,665 more words


The One About the Barbarian, the Giant Spider, and the Invisible Empire

Campfire tales, giant intelligent spiders, a particularly vindictive emperor, and of course the Worlds Without Master debut of Barbarian Lord!

Behold the treasures that await you with the pages of  621 more words

Swords Without Master

Why I love Swords Without Master

Right now, Swords Without Master by Epidiah Ravachol is my favorite roleplaying game and it’s not particularly close. This is super interesting to me, as I think there are those people who wouldn’t even describe… 711 more words

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Six Guns Without Master

I’ve had the idea for a Weird West/Western Horror rpg bouncing around in my head for several years. Recently that idea bounced up against a whole passel of ideas brought up by the excellent… 1,092 more words