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Team of 5: Swordsmen Character 2 Reveal

Hey Everyone! It is time to reveal the second character for the Swordsmen themed Team of 5! Our second character for the Team of 5 is Saber from Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero. 350 more words


Team of 5: Swordsmen Character 1 Reveal

Hey Everyone! You knew this fella was going to make the team! I basically gave away he was going to be on the team with the picture on the theme of the month post! 332 more words


Theme of the Month! March Edition


¬†Hey Everyone! I hope everyone had a great February month! Now it’s onward to March and with a new month comes a new theme! So moving on from last month’s theme, the originals, we have a new theme for March! 202 more words


Cards and Castles: Vikings Deck

I really had fun making the card art for this game. The swordsmen is a really great looking character that I use in my personal deck so I tried to add him into every card possible.

2d Artwork

New Year, New Army

“New Year, New Army” – now you’ve probably heard things like this from me before…


Spurred on by the efforts of my “Cheaphammer” Tau army which is rapidly approaching 2000 points without having spent a penny (well, when I say I haven’t spent a penny I mean recently. 363 more words


Silhouettes of Swordsmen Framed by the Setting Sun

Using super-telephoto lenses to frame people against the rising moon has become quite popular as of late. Just last year we shared examples featuring people at a lookout, ahigh-line walker, and a mountain biker. 197 more words


Mini Book Review: Traitor's Blade

The Story

Falcio was once the First Cantor of the Greatcoats, but since the death of his king, he’s been stuck making a living as a glorified bodyguard. 235 more words