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What I'm working on.

I said I would be getting back to this months ago when I had started working on my two pictures for the upcoming art show in my town. 34 more words


Character Spotlight - Kenshi - Possessed

Just the facts –

Kenshi – Balanced
Gold Tier
Faction: Martial Artist
Passive: Demonology – Ambushes opponent on tag in, setting them on fire
Attacks: 309 more words

Mobile Gaming

Character Spotlight - Kenshi - Balanced

Just the facts –

Kenshi – Balanced
Gold Tier
Faction: Spec Ops
Passive: Telekinesis – All Spec Ops teammates start with 1 bar of power… 339 more words

Mobile Gaming

Top 10 Swordsmen

As they’ve always said; Never bring a knife to a gun fight, unless that knife is a legendary sword. Today will be a top 10 countdown of characters with swords. 646 more words

Smash Bros

Character Spotlight - Kenshi

Just the facts –

Silver Tier
Faction: Martial Artist/Spec Ops
Passive: Dual Nature – +40% Attack when teamed with martial artists; +40% Health when teamed with Spec Ops… 325 more words

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Swordsmen Team of 5: Final Reveal

Hey Everyone! It may have taken a little longer then expected, however we are finally wrapping up March’s Swordsmen Team of 5. The final character reveal was indeed the final character to make the cut when creating the team. 322 more words

Team Of 5

Swordsmen Team of 5: Character 4 Reveal!

Hey Everyone! This Team of 5 has seen characters with swords, keyblades, air swords, and now a scissor blade! The fourth character to be revealed for the Swordsmen Team of 5 is Kill La Kill’s Ryuko! 228 more words