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Top 5 Swordsmen in Anime World

  1. Dracule “Hawk Eyes” MihawkHe is a member of the seven warlords and the first one to be revealed in the series. He is also the current holder of the title, “Greatest Swordsman in the World”.Mihawk possesses an immense amount of skill in battle, defeating all but one of Don Krieg’s fleet of 50 ships and 5,000 men by himself just before a storm struck.

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One Piece

Powers of the Windemere Lands: Amazing Armies

Moving on to the land powers of Windemere, this category is easier to divide and explain than sea and air.  The reason is because they get involved in a lot more events and they’ve been around for longer than the other two.   619 more words


Sir Richard Francis Burton

Sir Richard Francis Burton – polyglot, explorer, writer, swordsman – perhaps the quintessential warrior- scholar.  His life and works are impressive and deserve study. 23,500 more words

Reference Materials

LOTR Numenor Commission Update #5 – First Half

About half the infantry are complete. Tabletop standard. It’s great painting Gondor models while listening to an audiobook of the Two Towers.

As a note, I thought painting the ears on a couple helmets to denote captains.


How Did It All Begin?

When Chris and Alison Chadwick retired in 1998, they wanted to live a more Christian lifestyle. They determined that lifestyle would not include sword fighting with a professional jousting company and performing at Renaissance Fairs. 214 more words