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10 best stocks for 2013?

The stocks part is simple. It’s the 2013 part that’s hard.

As in 2012, macroeconomic trends will drive the financial markets in 2013. In 2012, the year and the markets were defined by fear: that China’s economy would slow to a hard landing; that the U.S. 291 more words

#swvi Marc de Vries, Hyves

Marc de Vries, CEO hyves.

Recruitment in Social Media and what to do with Hyves.

Your profile on Hyves tells others who you are and what you do. 148 more words

Gordon Lokenberg

#swvi Sarah Neels, Google

Sarah Neels is opening the event Successful Recruitment via Internet with a nice overview on what Google does.
In her presentation she shows us that Google is the nr. 113 more words

Gordon Lokenberg

Succesvol Werven = Successful Recruitment via Internet Live from Rotterdam, NL

Programm of Today:

Sarah Neels – Google
About what to do as Employer about the change of use of the searchbar by applicants.
Marc de Vries – Hyves… 46 more words

Gordon Lokenberg