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The Second Prakasatya

Mendekati akhir tahun, alhamdulillah diberi kesempatan buat nulis lagi di blog ini. Sebenernya alesannya karena kemarin dapet email dari WordPress yang bilang kalau “We Miss You”. 253 more words


Fashion Feed : Allien Gan, Ezzati Amira, Pearly Wong & Tsyahmi at KLFW 2013


Third show of the first day of KLFW 2013 by Allien Gan, Ezzati Amira, Pearly Wong & Tsyahmi.


ALLIEN GAN… 471 more words


of ecstacy and a story

run away to the other side,

taking chances for you and i,

happy, and free it might,

two of us we could fly…


as we lay, the sun dies, 111 more words


of myself and yada yada

ok so this is gonna be my rants…or whatever you called em…

first…have you ever plan so many things and everything when BAM! gone??have you ever imagine things would be so colourful and then BOOM it goes black??and most important part have you ever been expected of this and that then WHAM it turned to be a total disappointment??have you ever this have you ever that?? 617 more words

Day 7 : A photo of you and your bestfriends

ste time!

ben, ME then charo

nini and I

yes i’m so way out of the rule…

but assume the 3 are A PHOTO…


Day 6 : A photo of a former crush.

so it’s the photo of a former crush

you wanna know who my crush was??

like seriously??

i don’t know if i should be giving you this… 138 more words