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We'll walk together.

Join me under the sycamore tree and by the river of life.

Let’s walk along the winding path of solitude and see the reflection of silence under the moon. 104 more words

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The Babes of Fangorn Forest - Treebeard's Pin Up Calendar

Treebeard here.  The other Ents and I, at our last Entmoot, decided to share our photos of the sexiest trees in Fangorn Forest.  Since we lost the Entwives a terrible long count of years ago, we have become a bit lonely, and sometimes, over a couple of pints at the Entpub, we have quite spirited discussions about our trees.  158 more words


Sycamore ~ Wendell Berry

In my search for an apt quote for my post about the sycamore last week, I came across this beautiful poem by Wendell Berry. There are very few words written in homage to this often maligned tree, but here is a fitting ode to… 213 more words

Before the Sycamore Tree

I stand before the sycamore tree
Picking up leaves wishing to be blown
Staring at roots that interweave
Pondering seconds we disowned

I stand before the sycamore tree… 171 more words



A few metres away from my house there was a sycamore tree. At a guess, I’d say it was 80 to 100 years old. Its branches were home to squirrels, lichens and legions of insects. 147 more words


Does God want me?

Written by: Maurice Schaus

“For while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5)

This is the core of the Christian message. God’s gift of grace is free to all.

448 more words
Men For Christ