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Sycamore Sawmill in Operation

My previous post documented the felling of a 150 year old Sycamore tree near the historic log farmhouse whose reconstruction progress I have followed for over a year. 275 more words

Blue Ridge Mountains

The Felling of a Civil War Sycamore

A year ago I found five Sycamore trees along Otter Creek adjacent to the 19th century log farmhouse that has been featured in this blog as it was being “reconditioned”. 236 more words

Blue Ridge Mountains

Nature and time

You divide what you call “time” into even increments. You measure the immeasurable with clocks and watches, shiny addictive devices. You live by the schedule imposed from outside yourself. 279 more words

A Year of Smiles - Day 81

Reason to SMILE #81: KIDISMS VOL. 3

The story of Zaccheus goes something like this:

Zaccheus was a tax collector in his town and was known for robbing and cheating everyone.  248 more words


Saved From Money

In Jericho, Jesus had one final encounter (160).  Zacchaeus, a wealthy chief tax collector there, wanted to see Jesus.  But he was a short man & couldn’t get a good look at Jesus over the crowd. 147 more words

Poem: Forget

By: James G. Piatt

Beneath the shade of a
Sycamore tree, looking at
thoughts reflecting off the
ripples of a blue pond, I
hear the strident voice of a… 46 more words