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Developing Your Eye, Day 7: Big

I leant out of the bathroom window to take this photograph of our neighbour’s enormous sycamore tree. It’s an exceptionally beautiful tree and it looks even more vibrant in the hot sunshine we’re currently enjoying in the UK. 26 more words


Truce under the sycamore tree

Round of applause under the sycamore tree

Till my hands give to numbness

How do they miss me?

These beings I have hardly opened up to… 103 more words


In memory of the trees...

the trees remember not long ago
young children would come to see them
climb them, play under them, build forts in them
but now it seems the trees are very lonely… 95 more words


Saved From Money

In Jericho, Jesus had one final encounter (160).  Zacchaeus, a wealthy chief tax collector there, wanted to see Jesus.  But he was a short man & couldn’t get a good look at Jesus over the crowd. 147 more words

Zaccheus Come Down

This quick craft will help illustrate the story of Jesus’ calling of Zaccheus.

“3 Zaccheus was trying to see who Jesus was, and was unable because of the crowd, for he was small in stature. 173 more words

Bible Crafts

Not so Plane Tree

References: Genesis 30:37; Ezekiel 31:8

The plane tree was used by Jacob in an attempt to influence the color of his flock of goats and sheep. 695 more words

God As A Gardener

New Mexico Tech Wilderness Encounter, Barranca del Cobre, Mexico, 1973

Over the X-mas Break, 1973, I led a group of NMT students (and two friends) to the Barranca del Cobre, in northern Mexico. This is a very deep and wild canyon, which is paralleled, on the rim, by the Chihauhua al Pacifico railroad. 191 more words