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I was the Sycamore in a forest full of Redwoods. The sapling with scars, left from the shedding of my skin. I always felt small as visitors came in droves to gape at my towering sisters and brothers, using me as a ladder to get a closer view. 25 more words


Hollow Sycamore Logs Get Sliced Up

Recently, I set up three large hollow spalted sycamore logs to cut in the Lucas mill. They are all in the 48″ diameter range and most were cut 3″ thick. 123 more words


Ball Games, Baking and Bread

Year 6 had an amazing day today and were  baking up a treat in the art room. It was amazing to see year 6 working together to create some amazing freshly baked bread. 189 more words

Year 6

Gluing, Building, Creating and Spaghetti?

Sycamore (Version 2) and Sugar Maple (Version 2) Have had a whirlwind of a day! Check out the fun chaos below! 76 more words

Year 6

Building and Creating in Year 6

Whilst we may have lost half of year 6 to some thing called….Kingswood? The rest of us have been getting our hands dirty with a bit of arts and crafts. 195 more words

Nine hundred

I’ve just come back from the CVS pharmacy and am about to put the key in the lock of my front door when I hear ‘hello’ and turn to see my neighbour sitting on her front steps, a scrubbing brush in one hand and a small bucket of water to her right. 373 more words

I've Gone To Look For America

Borders Country Day 14

Today’s paintings – a beautiful Scots Pine at River Tweed near Peebles, and forget me nots in a sycamore grove in Kelso. These were a joy to paint, especially the river and pine. 364 more words