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Sycamore Leaf-Bud

The sycamore is a common tree, but it sure does have a magnificently weird leaf-bud.

Arbor Day, Plant a Tree

Arbor Day is April 24, 2015. To show support for Arbor Day, we should all go out and plant at least one tree. If you don’t have room for one in your yard, trees can be donated to parks and schools or you can go to the Arbor Day Foundation and donate a tree to be planted in one of our Nation’s forests. 546 more words

Plant Management

Tree Following: April

Just when I thought the tree I’m following wasn’t doing anything, still snoozing the winter off, it went and burst into bud while I wasn’t looking! 148 more words

Parkland Walk

vanity's reflection.

A lone sycamore tree in the distance stretches vainly to see a glimpse of her naked-wintered body in the reflection of the Brandywine Creek.


...with a lot of help from an old friend! 🍁

One of the many exciting discoveries that I have made in the happy four weeks since I moved to my new home, is that the long alien-like spindly budded sticks that are growing out of the bank by my patio are in fact, very fastly growing Sycamore trees. 64 more words


Sycamore Illinois School 1892

This damaged photo is from a school in Sycamore, Illinois, about 1892.  Some names can still be read.  And I can see my grandfather, Amos Claycomb, in the second row, 4th from the right.  92 more words