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Springing into summer

What a difference a couple of weeks makes in woodland at this time of year. A fortnight ago the trees in High wood were just bursting into acid green leaf and the ground was a carpet of blue. 316 more words

Backlighting with Flash

Something I’ve been meaning to try for a while – and this morning whilst out for a walk I picked up a Sycamore seed ( there’s probably a proper name for this. 36 more words


My sycamore tree

Making a virtue of necessity, I felt I should find out a bit more about sycamore trees. So long vilified as an ‘invader’, the tide may at last be turning in their favour. 295 more words

I Love My Small Town's Newspaper

Every week The Wiregrass Farmer publishes a new edition of the local news for the whole county. All Most of it is worthless, but in today’s edition I read all about my tiny town’s (population 603) City Council meeting. 139 more words

Clouds In My Coffee

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Ohio doesn’t take too kindly to senator impersonation. Just ask Izaha Akins.

The 18-year-old was sentenced to three months in jail for impersonating a state politician, during a tour of a Marion high school. 12 more words

Crime & Punishment

Photos by Emma, Album #3

Last week’s rain really brought out the frogs and fungi. It also made for lovely photos, with many fauna raindrop- and puddle-jumping from path to flora. 70 more words

Nature Preserve

Tree Following: a follow-up

This time last year, I was ‘following’ a tree on Parkland Walk. I noticed that although all the other Sycamores I was seeing were flowering, this one was not. 186 more words

Tree Following