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Indian Summer, Thursday Sept 15

With temperatures in the mid 20s in Durham today, and the Buddleia swarming with Small Tortoiseshell butterflies, it’s turning out to be an Indian summer in more ways than one!  334 more words

Bury the Dog

Before we get started there’s two things you should know. Number one dogs are pack animals. Deep inside their DNA they’re still wild beasts, meant to hunt in packs and kill what they find. 998 more words

Fizz Ehrler

Sycamore Terrace Apartments Debuts New Designs for Monument Signs

Sycamore Terrace Apartments in Temecula, CA debuts all-new designs for three different monument signs that are currently under construction. Under new management for several years now, the company and the property itself have undergone numerous changes. 89 more words

Red Squirrel

The sun rises laboriously in September, battling the recent chilly mornings along with the multitude of goosebumped commuters. 628 more words


Nobody Passes

Nobody Passes

Matt Bernstein Sycamore

tw: sexism, racism, non-binary erasure, bi-erasure, sexual assault, incest, ableism

Nobody Passes is a collection of essays from various people and each one talks about a different kind of passing. 323 more words

Book Review

A blog of logs...

The river is free to flood further downstream now, the fence is back to keep curious alpacas away from a long drop and there is a big pile of large and interesting shaped logs awaiting transport to the large shed. 75 more words