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Vince Carter reflects on Olympic 'Dunk de la Mort'

Vince Carter hasn’t come across Frederic Weis since the 2000 Sydney Olympics, when Carter famously posterized the French 7-footer with the “Dunk de la Mort.” 219 more words


Inserting Gymnastics into Famous Movie Titles

On Academy Award night lets play around with movie titles and make them about gymnastics… pictured above “The Young Victoria… Komova” 

  • 13 GOING ON 30… in gymnastics it was 13 GOING ON 15 for Daniela Silivas at the 1985 World Championships.
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Gymnastics Cool Facts

Érase una vez cuando Rumania dominaba…

Las rumanas nos sorprendieron en Río pero no por su talento, sino por su ausencia. No hubo medallas, ni podio, ni himnos. Después de más de 40 años no hubo un equipo que contendiera por la gloria olímpica. 573 more words


WUDC Sydney 2000

R-1: THBT election campaigns should be fully financed by the state.

R-2: THW demands work for welfare.

R-3: THW alter its genetic code.

R-4: THW put worker’s rights before trade rights. 69 more words

Debate Motions WUDC

Team GB

One of the downsides of living for so long in Australia as a patriotic, sports-loving Brit was getting used to losing. Pretty much all the time. 723 more words


Reaching for Olympic gold - and making memories

As images of the athletes of the Olympic Games flood our television screens, I am reminded how much I relish watching the games for a fortnight every leap year and how hooked I become with the thrill of the chase. 1,115 more words

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A look back at the last five Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies

On Friday, the world will watch the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony.

The event represents the official commencement of the Olympic Games and always provides unforgettable memories for spectators and viewers. 639 more words