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Finally landed on ... 🌏

Finally landed on a company to ship the stuff that we need, but can’t take with us on the flight. Seven Seas Worldwide deliver the empty boxes (they arrive on Monday) and packing materials. 479 more words

Sydney, Australia

Now the car goes ... 🌍

The car has been on Gumtree and Caresales Online for a few weeks. Had a few bites, mostly some nutters thinking I will give it away. 339 more words

Sydney, Australia

They bought a bed ... 🌏

On Wednesday (31 January 2018) a nice young couple collected the sofa bed. The previous day I had managed to move the 3 seater blue leather sofa (still on Gumtree) up from the garage. 1,563 more words

Sydney, Australia

Richard sent the ... 🌍

Richard sent the forms this week that we have to complete to move my Super into Pension phase. After Sarahs birthday in June we will do the same for her. 527 more words

Sydney, Australia

HUG IT OUT, BRO: Fist fight on Australian train ends in manly embrace

Even the most violent encounters can be diffused by a hug.

Passengers aboard a train in Sydney, Australia were treated to quite a show Wednesday night when a heated war of words between two men erupted into fisticuffs flying. 219 more words


I woke up ... 🌏

I woke up on Monday in severe pain. My ankle was stiff as as a board and I could hardly bend it. I soldiered on to work, marching to the bus stop in the hope it would clear, but I guess I just made it worse. 346 more words

Sydney, Australia

Some more tasks ...

Some more tasks ticked off the check list. This weekend I listed the car for sale and some of the big furniture for sale on Gumtree. 241 more words

Sydney, Australia