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A Family Man: The Hidden Side of Sydney Carton


 “Are you dying for him?” she whispered.

“And for his wife and child. Hush! Yes.”

Generations of readers have been fascinated by the mysterious figure at the heart of… 1,259 more words

A Tale of Two Substitutes

     In Charles Dickens’ novel, A Tale of Two Cities, there comes a point where one of the main characters, Charles Darnay, is arrested by the mob during the French Revolution and is sentenced to death. 351 more words


Finding Sydney

When he cared to talk, he talked well; but, the cloud of caring for nothing, which overshadowed him with such a fatal darkness, was very rarely pierced by the light within him.

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A Tale of Two Cities: a tale of two selves

I participate in a discussion group on depth psychology. Lately we’ve been talking about “the shadow,” those parts of ourselves—both negative and positive—that we’ve disowned because we don’t think we should or can have those traits. 860 more words

Myths & Archetypes In Film

The day before school: Finding grit

Every single semester when I reach the day before school begins, I am in a rush. I worry that won’t have everything organized or ready or tidy. 893 more words

Resistence Is Futile

Sir John Martin-Harvey, The Only Way, and a Precious Piece of Fabric

As a quilter I keep a lot of fabric at home but the most precious piece of fabric in my possession is part of an old theatrical costume from over a century ago. 1,109 more words


It is a far, far better thing that I lost an ordinary library book than those prints at the Boston Public Library

After hooray!, my first thought upon learning that the Rembrandt and Durer prints missing from the Boston Public Library had been found—in the Boston Public Library—was of a sin from my own past: I, you see, once lost a library book. 371 more words