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Let the Games go on

Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

I’m told the Sydney 2000 Olympics were a bloody great time for this city. Sydney turned on its blue skies, love of barbecues, sports betting and good old-fashioned Australian efficiency. 481 more words

Sydney Swimming

The local Grand Master

At his unassuming Yarraville club, the man who helped make taekwondo an Olympic sport shares his half-century of expertise.

In a way, Young Youl Oh had Bruce Lee to thank for his new life. 527 more words


Olympic Mystery Solved

SYDNEY, Dec 23 (Reuters) – The lycra body suit that Cathy Freeman wore to light the cauldron at the Sydney Olympics may have been returned 14 years after it went missing from her dressing room, the Australian Olympic Committee said on Tuesday. 201 more words


Surviving the heat while the world's watching

A Writer on how the story often gets told regardless.

THE world will be watching Brisbane, Queensland, for the upcoming G20 economic summit in the city. 610 more words


Gough Whitlam: an unlikely sports hero

Australia’s 21st Prime Minister was not a noted sports lover. There is no footage of Gough Whitlam getting a facial rearrangement from an errant cricket ball, bowling like a numpty or making his way around the country in lycra and budgie smugglers. 598 more words


Watching TV when Cathy Freeman lit the Olympic torch

Every house has a central hub where the family gathers. Generally it is the lounge or the dining room.

Rarely is it the bathroom.

I think I can make this judgement, having lived with more than 10 different families in my life. 232 more words