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Essendon Football Club- red, black & purple

“I went from being an outsider at AFL games, to an insider at the Essendon Football Club, all because I’m gay,” says Jason Tuazon-McCheyne.

An Essendon member for over 30 years, Tuazon-McCheyne attended a Bombers game in 2012 with his partner Adrian, and their friend David. 644 more words

Only love (and football) can break your heart

It was one hell of a ride. It had to end somewhere and sadly last night was that somewhere. My evening got off to a shocking start, with my train running over 40 minutes late. 519 more words


The Buttons: Speechless but never at a loss for words

It’s taken me a while to read Speechless, a lovely book about speechwriting by James Button, Walkley Award-winning journalist and author and son of John, a senator and a former minister in the Labor Governments of Bob Hawke and Paul Keating. 1,398 more words


Sydney Swans Delighted To Find Missing Fans On Back Of Bandwagon

The Sydney Swans have breathed a sigh of relief after their first finals win as it coincided with them locating a group of supporters previously thought missing in action. 214 more words


The time of my life and the tie of theirs…

Attending my first AFL final was everything I hoped it would be. From the minute we hit Central station the swarm of red and white was evident. 837 more words


You two have got to stop meeting like this

With the Swans kicking off at 4.30 and the rugby slated to start around 5.30, it was guaranteed to be a weekend of divided attention. I had high hopes the Swans would have things well and truly under control by the time the rugby started, relieving some of the pressure. 584 more words


Whirlwind weekend

It was always going to be a big weekend of sport. With the Swans spending Friday night at the Adelaide Oval trying to bring down the top team and the Wallabies welcoming the All Blacks to Sydney, there was a lot of work to be done. 769 more words