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From frightened refugee to Sydney supervillain

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THIS is the incredible true story of how a frightened refugee boy became an underworld kingpin with Sydney at his feet. 3,225 more words


Sejarak Pandang

Natal… tinggal sejarak pandang.

Saat-saat yang begitu dinantikan juga masuk dalam permenungan.

Natal… hari yang damai, dan memberi warna lain dalam kehidupan saya.

Begitu banyak impian yang ingin saya capai, di sela begitu banyak natal yang berlari kebelakang meninggalkan hal-hal yang remang-remang. 145 more words


Spider Tales

When we decided to move to Australia we were told many horror stories about the many deadly animals and creepy crawlies. I think people enjoy frightening foreigners about it. 462 more words


Sydney: Part I

The main reason for travelling to Aus was to visit some of our best friends, Steph and Seb, in Sydney so while I loved Melbourne, arriving in Sydney to see our friends in their new home was the main event of the trip. 551 more words


Eight Must-See Sydney Attractions

After a few weeks of recently enjoying Sydney’s better-known tourist spots, we chose our favourite eight, which include some not so predictable getaways. Thank you once again to… 13 more words


She almost Tooks the $3million Bra home..

Ok maybe she didn’t – but I couldn’t resist it.

Incase you have been hiding in a cave or closing your eyes when you open any social media account you have – Victorias Angels have completed their Secret Show (that’s never very secret). 132 more words






42 more words