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Shanghai Chef Kitchen

Located at Parramatta, this place definitely has the fastest service besides fast food chains XD

As soon as we ordered our meals they came gradually one after the other after 5-10mins! 110 more words



I honestly swear I’m not. It’s not an addiction if it’s healthy. Hehe!! Yes I’ve been out shopping today because I got my first payslip from my job.o I brought all sorts and it felt amazing. 24 more words


Jousting @ Blacktown City Medieval Fayre 2015

I managed to convince Charmaine to come along to the annual Blacktown City Medieval Fayre (2015) that took place at the Nurragingy reserve. At the end of the event all three of us walked away feeling like we had a great time and I personally thought Blacktown council did a great job putting on these type of events. 150 more words


Septum Jewellery Taking A Stand

I’m normally not one to be infatuated with piercings, tattoos or any shenanigans related to those sorts, but lately, Ive come across a lot of the whole septum piercing trend on social media, and kinda became obsessed… 422 more words

IXIAH @ Sydney Fashion Weekend 2015

Does anyone here feel like that they require some sort of armor just to get through the everyday life? Do you have a favorite statement piece or an outfit that you wear of those particularly tough days? 109 more words


About Life, Bondi Junction

About Life is a fantastic marketplace chain in Sydney that includes a wholefoods cafe, supermarket and natural pharmacy at each store. The menu caters to all, from meat-eaters to vegans, making it a great option for those who sometimes struggle to find a cafe that caters to their dietary requirements. 325 more words


What Stunning Colours! Crimson Rosella!

In the local park I often see three beautiful species of medium-sized parrots. These are, in order of ease of sighting as per numbers, 1. Rainbow Lorikeet 2. 51 more words