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Add Colour to Your Winter

Digital post processing is akin to hitting the darkroom and working the chemicals, enlarging and cropping. I’d rather be on the pavement shooting than hours in post processing.

Street Photography

Small Adventures

I have many grand adventures to tell you about. I’ve been to a lot of interesting places recently, so I have a backlog of material on distant locales and crazy shenanigans to share. 382 more words


July 9th - Game of Life 3D

I rolled a 6. Where to next?

I’m sure someone knows what this all means, but something tells me the pavers here on the corner of Market and Pitt Sts are in trouble.

Dans Daily Photo

Vivid noir

I am primarily interested in people in photos. In this instance, the virtue of patience. Framing an image and waiting for that final element. For me that element was the guy looking out.

Street Photography

What have I been doin' lately?

A project for a company in Beijing who have bought a children’s play from a Korean company who I designed a major part of the set for. 161 more words


July 8th - The Trickster

Martin Place seems to be everyones stage at one time or another. Today it was the turn for this card flinging trickster.

He was good, able to flip and fling cards and have them land exactly where he wanted them. 85 more words

Dans Daily Photo