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Syllogism for Cinema by Peter Kreeft

Gran Torino

Premise 1: The imagination is the most powerful force in human nature for good or for evil.

Premise 2: Of all the art forms in our culture cinema is the one that most powerfully uses the imagination. 32 more words


On Accidentally Sound Syllogisms

QuestionDo all sound syllogisms produce the same kind of knowledge?

Common Opinion: As long as a syllogism is sound, i.e. has a… 716 more words


Not asked in CAT but then asked in rest all OMET’s and it’s pretty simple to crack.

Rules of the Syllogism
Besides the special rules of each of the figures, logicians have been wont to formulate eight rules applicable to the syllogism in general, expressing the nature of the reasoning. 1,845 more words


Actuarial Judgment and Decision-Making Machines: Introducing Rouvroy's Algorithmic Governmentality

The relation between machines and judgment in the legal sense is already somewhat actualized in terms of “actuarial” judgment: in parole boards, for example, the “judges” are given a computer-produced risk-probability based on preexisting statistics and the convict’s behavioral pattern. 383 more words


This blog in 2014

67,355 direct hits from 146 countries. An unknown additional number from being reblogged on other sites, and from other blogs which I have contributed. I am particularly proud of the links I have established with blogs aimed at explaining evolution to religious believers. 762 more words


Logical Arguments. Syllogisms, and Logical Connectives.

As in the previous post, this will once again be an overview. There are many different methodologies and factors to keep in mind and I cannot be conclusive here. 1,017 more words


Definition of the Day 11-29-14 -- Logic

LOGIC, n. The art of thinking and reasoning in strict accordance with the limitations and incapacities of the human misunderstanding. The basis of logic is the syllogism, consisting of a major and a minor premise and a conclusion–thus: 68 more words