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Start at the Beginning

This post will have two kinds of readers:

1) The few who have read the posts on this blog from the beginning, in chronological order, and who are now reading this one simply because it is the only one you have not read yet. 1,176 more words

Scholastic syllogism.

All people are petty. All scholars are people. All scholars are petty.

Honestly, ARE All Flockbinkers Really Treadknicious?

From time to time on this blog, we find it necessary to go back and reinforce the basics.

This blog, “All Flockbinkers Are Treadknicious,” is ultimately about logic. 684 more words


Aristotle’s Sillygism

In all introductory courses on logic, students are taught the syllogism, a short logical argument of three lines that contains a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion that is derived from these two premises. 2,288 more words


Direction: (1-5) In each group of questions, below are four
statements followed by two conclusion numbered I and II.
You have to take the four given statements to be true even if… 1,450 more words


Accidents Will Happen: rhetorical techniques of argument and logical fallacies

Our further reading into the techniques of argument, using Lanham’s Handlist, moves us deeper into what the rhetorician does during the process of invention, the discovering of all available means of persuasion in a given case. 742 more words

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