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More Wonderful Words

I love how words have the capacity to surprise. They don’t always mean what they sound like, if that makes any kind of sense, but sometimes they do. 291 more words



Conditional 1: If you are a top team in soccer, then you play in the champions league

Conditional 2 If your team is in the champions leauge, then your team is filled with amazing players… 95 more words


Rant and Rave with Glow Stick

Psychologists define a psychological disorder broadly as psychological dysfunction in an individual that is associated with distress or impairment and a reaction that is not culturally expected.  1,266 more words


Happy Cat Chris

A syllogism, probably developed by Aristotle, is where a conclusion is inferred from two premises, one major and one minor, that each have one term in common with the conclusion. 76 more words

Special Reasoning Quiz for IBPS PO / CLERK - 35 (SYLLOGISM)

Directions (1-16): In each of the questions below are given three statements followed by three conclusions numbered I, II and III. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from the commonly known facts. 929 more words


Integrating medieval logicians into Introduction to Logic

Term starts next week, and I am so pleased to be teaching again what is probably my favorite course ever, Introduction to Logic. Most of it is going to be a pretty standard Intro Logic course: syntax and semantics of propositional and predicate logic, derivations, and meta-results (soundness/completeness). 552 more words

enthymeme and aristotle

Instead of examining everything, rhetorical argument builds, whenever possible, on assumptions the audience already holds (170). It is less rigorously tested than dialectic.

Syllogism: A dialectical argument which uses logic and deductive reasoning to draw out or arrive at a conclusion based on two or more premises. 137 more words

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