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Reading the Comics, April 22, 2017: Thought There'd Be Some More Last Week Edition

Allison Barrows’s PreTeena rerun for the 18th is a classic syllogism put into the comic strip’s terms. The thing about these sorts of deductive-logic syllogisms is that whether the argument is valid depends only on the shape of the argument. 418 more words


Enthymeme - A Hidden Premise

Logic alway feels so logical. We can all think of a public figure, an author or a colleague who can effortlessly move us to see their point of view. 739 more words

Critical Thinking

Timo Schmitz: "The basic form of a syllogism" (2017) [PDF]

Syllogisms are a kind of logical argument through deductive reasoning. This paper intends to show how syllogisms are built and why they are very useful. In the end, it also gives a memory marker to make it easier to memorize how to build a syllogism correctly. 8 more words

Online Articles

Poetic syllogizing

There’s a certain kind of qiyas, the shaykh states in the mantiq of the Najat, 2.1-3, 9 (ed. Danishpazuh, Tehran: 1985), that

 .(…) لا يوقع تصديقاً البته و لكن تخييلا يرغب النفس في شئ أو ينفرها أو يقززها أو يبسطها أو يقبضها 20 more words


More Wonderful Words

I love how words have the capacity to surprise. They don’t always mean what they sound like, if that makes any kind of sense, but sometimes they do. 291 more words



Conditional 1: If you are a top team in soccer, then you play in the champions league

Conditional 2 If your team is in the champions leauge, then your team is filled with amazing players… 95 more words


Rant and Rave with Glow Stick

Psychologists define a psychological disorder broadly as psychological dysfunction in an individual that is associated with distress or impairment and a reaction that is not culturally expected.  1,266 more words