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Building your own shop - moldings and panels

Although I’m not too happy with the job I’ve done, I have received some requests as to how I made my Gretel’s Cakes shop in my Diorama.  353 more words

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Stacking stores

I consider myself very fortunate that my family doesn’t mind having this diorama in our apartment.  It takes up half of our bedroom.  Even so, I still run out of space for all of my buildings.  549 more words

Sylvanian Families

Tutorial: Beach diorama

The beach! As summer is approaching and your dolls need some vacation photo shooting, this is a good time to make this diorama.  I will show you my latest creation, and the tutorial that goes with it, but be warned, it is a bit tricky for the first time clear cast resin users.  1,491 more words

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Tutorial: large stone pavement

Today, I’m going to do a tutorial on how to make large stone pavement with a foam board.  Below is a picture of a patio that I made a while ago for my bed & breakfast in my diorama.  284 more words

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Tutorial: Big trees

If you have some room on your diorama, it’s a fun and a fairly easy project to add some big trees to your scenery.  I don’t really like using train set diorama trees, since they are not really the right scale for Sylvanian Families.  426 more words

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Tutorial: pansies and violas

In the last post, I wrote about how to make color gradations with your clay.  In today’s post, I will make pansies using the same technique.  248 more words

Sylvanian Families

Calico Easter Eggs

For Christmas, Santa brought my son a doll house.  It was the only thing he wanted.

The doll house was very popular right around Christmas, then it had a long-ish break with intermitent play, but lately it’s been getting a lot more attention again.  159 more words