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Sylvanian families and cow baby 

You may recall my post several weeks ago of the Sylvanian family Nursery set. Well over the past few weeks my little girl Izebella has been sent a few Sylvanian family figures to add to the nursery and any future play sets she may get. 323 more words


Repainting Plastic Buildings 

Having finished the iceberg diorama, I took two photos of it and stuck it in the bedroom. I think I had to spend so long trying to work on it that I’m sick of looking at it now. 165 more words

Sylvanian Families

Red Telephone Box

The latest addition to Greenbearshire is a shiny new red telephone box!

This box might look very familiar and with good reason.  The Sylvanian box is very similar to the iconic K(kiosk)6 telephone box which can be seen all about the UK, past and present British colonies, and beyond.  713 more words


October Review

I consider hobbies to be more enjoyable when I know I’m balancing spending and making, thus the monthly review. As always this is a progress log; instagram is where my pics usually are. 53 more words

Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families Premium Fan Club

Despite Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters being one of my special interests, I didn’t immediately rush to sign up for the premium fan club.   The club is based in the UK and membership costs £20.   342 more words


Ready, Set, Play!

The diorama has finally made it all the way across the 10ft gap between my workbench and the photography table. Today I took some preliminary shots with my big-girl camera, proper lights, trees and Sylvanian Families figures. 94 more words

Sylvanian Families

ISLAND DIORAMA - conclusions

The diorama is finished. With no idea how to work in foam, I had little idea how to plan the work schedule. I planned 7 sessions, which turned into 14 work sessions. 105 more words

Sylvanian Families