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Squirrel coats and bunny trousers - getting crafty with Sylvanian Families

Christmas may be over but it’s still cold outside, so today we made sure that some of our Sylvanian Family friends got some nice warm clothes. 591 more words


Festive Sylvanian Families

Izebella loves her very cute adorable Sylvanian family figures and right before Christmas she got another pack to add to her collection. Of course being right before Christmas could only mean one thing for the new characters and thaf of course is Christmas. 67 more words


Instant Grandpa

A while back, there was an ebay auction for a Dappledawn Grandparent couple, with a custom Grandfather.  The grandparent characters are my favorites, so I was excited for that auction.  484 more words


Country Tree House / Old Oak Hollow

I have always loved all forms of tree houses, starting with the Wookiee Wroshyr tree villages on Kashyyyk.  I would live in a tree house if I could!  834 more words



I had a lovely Christmas today! :’) didn’t really expect much out of it cause Mitch and I never really made plans for it and it was sort of impromptu. 522 more words


interview with a dad!

με αφορμή το προηγούμενο post ήρθα και πάλι για να σου παρουσιάσω τον υπέροχο κόσμο των sylvanians και έναν πατέρα από κάποιο μέρος της ελλάδας που τα τελευταία 4 χρόνια συλλέγει αυτά τα μικροσκοπικά ζωάκια, τον sylvanako. 30 more words


Home Interiors Set

I deeply love the Home Interiors Set. The concept of easily movable, universal lighting for a wide variety of buildings is brilliant. You could stock up and have many lights on hand, or you could switch one or two lights between different buildings as needed. 344 more words