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Spastic Daydreaming






In-between laughing while watching this video, I couldn’t help daydreaming about how supremely cool it would be for us adults to have music flow into our bodies & come out in whatever spastic, wildly ridiculous, totally uncool-looking rhythm spasms… 30 more words

Sylver Blaque

Write Like a REAL Woman!

You have got to read the comments for this ‘fab’ new women’s product!

It’s just amAzing!

You’re not even a REAL woman if you don’t use this product! 24 more words

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Dancing Baby

First there was the original Dancing Baby


Now there’s the Samba Dancing Baby

Here he is uncut. 15 more words

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Tripping on Chocolate

I get high just looking at this.

Just wanted to share the trip!


Sylver Lining Sunday

Sylver Blaque

Classic Rage


So, kids don’t like classic books.


These tweets actually launched me into flashback giggle-mania:



F You.


64 more words
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Treetop Dogs


They’re not just for birds anymore…

Just ask Copper.

He’ll give you a tour of his doggie treehouse! 80 more words

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