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Crazy Creepy Cool Movies - Cobra

Crime is the disease, and he is the cure.  It’s 1986’s Cobra on CCCM.  Listen, right click and download, or find us on Itunes or… 29 more words


Roundup: Super Troopers Sequel News, Harry Caray Beer Consumption, Sylvester Stallone Killing Supercut

Jaclyn Swedberg … The Super Troopers crew is trying to crowdfund a sequel … Duck Dynasty guy gives anti-Atheist speech … Jeremy Clarkson dropped as host of Top Gear after “fracas” with producer … Ikea product names… 385 more words


5 Movie Quotes You Can Use At Work (That Will Totally Get You Fired)

I’m a big movie buff. As a side effect, I sometimes find myself quoting movies randomly throughout my day. Some are appropriate and get huge laughs. 560 more words

Escape Plan

Viewed – 24 March 2015  Blu-ray

I haven’t been that interested in this 80s action hero revival that began with The Expendables movies (the first one was bad enough) as I felt there was too much of a nudge-nudge wink-wink attitude going on, that seemed to poke fun at the stars I had once adored.  334 more words


Watch Every Single Sylvester Stallone Killshot In This Supercut

Sylvester Stallone has made many contributions to cinema over the last 35 years, from the Rocky movies to the Rambo franchise, The Expendables, his performance in… 135 more words


Every person Sylvester Stallone has ever killed on film - in one handy video

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This must have taken a good few days of work ‘sick’ to put together.

Auralnauts’ Film Counts series has created a supercut that looks at all of Sylvester Stallone’s kills on the big screen. 126 more words


Updated - Star Wars: Return of the Spoiler Dog! More The Force Awakens Spoilers!!

Our best friend Spoiler Dog has contacted us once more with another blast of leaks from that stupid cracked toilet bowl. Here what they have to say after the jump! 855 more words

Star Wars