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Catch Fire release video for single 'Sylvester' from the upcoming EP

Nottingham pop-punkers Catch Fire have release the video for ‘Sylvester’ off their upcoming EP A Love That I Still Miss.

The video shows frontman Miles Kent bound by rope to represent helplessness, interspersed with performance sequences, which he says ties into the song being “very personal” and “about feeling trapped in relationships and cowering to the fear of upsetting other people.” 126 more words

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On the Road

It would be another week before they were able to start their journey. The wait time was spent in preparation; Eve shared with them the direction she came from, she wasn’t sure where the Colony was from their current location but Panther was sure he knew the way. 2,511 more words



The weather had turned bad that night. By the time the sun rose the next morning the den was buried under thick, heavy snow. A harsh wind and a brutal drop in temperature made going outside into a short term event. 2,446 more words



“She thinks we’re feral,” Panther answered. He kept his voice low, tinged with just a hint of malice. He didn’t feel it, what he felt was curiosity, but he knew it would throw her off balance. 2,117 more words


Have you ever heard a cat sing?

Apparently a black cat named Sylvester has been singing up quite a storm on YouTube!

See for yourself: