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An Ending

It happened fast. The smell hit their noses and then the dog was between them, the grey and white cat caught in its mouth, the life being shaken out of him. 2,520 more words


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Macy’s Herald Square 2015 Holiday

Macy’s Holiday 2015 Snoopy

I ain’t Lion to ya!! 11 more words

Brooklyn Museum

Sylvester - Accept that you are God

Sylvester delivers a message encouraging us to accept what we really are: God (English and Spanish subtitles). 195 more words


Best Laid Plans

It would be another two days before the Colony’s expedition would be ready to leave. They had wanted to wait for as many of the hunting parties to return as possible before setting out. 2,477 more words


Future Plans

They were escorted back into the tunnels within the hill to a large chamber. The chamber was large enough to comfortably fit a couple dozen cats in a pinch. 2,373 more words


Deette Casbon—a Mystery

When I first started gathering information about our family history in the 1990s, there wasn’t much information available online and I didn’t have access to many sources. 1,454 more words


The Colony

The silver cat followed through with his offer. It was not the most pleasant experience that Panther had ever had, they marched at a brisk pace for close to a day before they arrived at the Colony. 1,981 more words