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Stallone IS ALIVE

Sometimes you can’t believe everything you read on Facebook.

After this circulated across the media platforms, Stallone responded on Instagram.

Until actual news media or his agent releases an obituary, ignore the hoax being circulated.


Cobra - The Epitome of Everything Great (And Not So Great) in 80's Action.

Arguably the king of ‘blow everything up and leave no survivors’ films, Cobra (1986) embodies everything that makes an 80’s action movie. The good and… 368 more words


Saving My Life: February 2018

As we officially reach the halfway point of winter, today I join Anne, Allison, Katie, and many others to share a handful of things saving my life right now. 696 more words


Happy Feline Friday & Caturday Saturday

Happy Feline Friday & Caturday Saturday from Sylvester

Meow from Sylvester

Leslie Casbon, Valparaiso High School Class of 1914

Getting distracted by “bright shiny objects” or BSOs is generally considered a bad habit in genealogy research. Such distractions can interrupt an organized plan of research, wasting valuable time and resulting in a disorganized mess of unrelated facts. 1,267 more words


Sylver Origin

Anyways, this is a converted inclus, named Sylvester (aka Sylver as a nickname).

——————————————————————— 97 more words

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