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Strive on with Diligence

Transient are all conditioned things. Strive on with diligence.
Move with confidence into the future.
We’re not individually in charge of the world. We don’t run the world. 12 more words


Touchstone - Surrender

13 November 2015

… the moment in which the mind acknowledges ‘This isn’t what I wanted, but it’s what I got’ is the point at which suffering disappears. 

365 more words

Nurtured Enough

May this be a world where people
feel comforted enough and nurtured enough
to take care of each other as if they were kin.

*May our way of life benefit the well-being of all beings. 36 more words


Those In-between Times

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about sustaining mindfulness practice throughout my daily life and in particular about those transition times, when it often all seems to fall apart. 1,139 more words



There is this series of videos on YouTube from the Spiritual Literacy Project which illustrate spiritual practices and capture the sacred in everyday life. In a video about enthusiasm, they share a story about Emil’s Sunset. 87 more words


The Writing Life. It's Harder Than It Sounds.

I am awake. My husband has left for work. I am out of bed. I have made my first cup of tea. The familiar sounds of water boiling, tea bag bobbing, spoon clinking against cup, sugar dissolving. 597 more words

On Writing