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Flash Fiction 2

Suicide was just a word, a vague concept. Something whispered, read about in books. Nothing that had ever come near my own world, but rather a specter keeping itself hidden and far away. 204 more words


Plath Literary Study Task

“Sylvia Plath is a poet of landscape and seascape—but in several of her poems she transforms these landscapes and seascapes into unique and harrowing territories.” 82 more words

Plath - A close reading of 'Ariel'

Hi folks,

Another article on ‘Ariel’, to help us develop our understanding and analysis of this, the most complex poem we will study. Please read over this and add to your notes on the poem.

A close reading of Ariel

Happy Birthday Stevie Smith

Sylvia Plath described herself as a “desperate Smith addict” and wrote a letter expressing an interest in meeting Stevie, but first committed suicide.  Smith herself struggled with depression all her life and was a fatalist from a young age.  199 more words


Lord Lazarus

With apologies to Sylvia Plath

I don’t know when I came alive again

Like the first two times
It was sudden, frightening
Bloodshot eyes blinking against pitiless light… 260 more words


Ariel - Notes

Please read and add to your notes on ‘Ariel’.

Ariel – notes1