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“I saw my life branching out before me like the green fig tree in the story. From the tip of every branch, like a fat purple fig, a wonderful future beckoned and winked.

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I'd hoped I wouldn't have to post another one of these 

What if I told you My brain is only alive

When it is on fire

My eyes are only bright

When they are drowning

Tears watering the messy… 36 more words


My dog Howled When He Was Hungry Because He Thought He Was a Wolf

You painted your hallway black to drive out the milkman. Daggers pierced your pillows. We tried to put our devices down for days and meet a blurred reality where John Lennon is president. 43 more words


Why are we so fascinated by 'trainwreck' women?

Olivia Cooke unpacks why the media loves the downfall of influential women and why the rest of us can’t resist watching.

Intoxicated. Addicted. Exposed. These are the tell-tale signs of the modern-day female trainwreck. 891 more words

That's What She Said

Syl's Shadows

I’ve listed down all my writings, and I will cross them all out tonight, so tomorrow, I could ask you to have coffee with me. 337 more words

Coincidence is Coloured Green

I fell in love with someone because they had the same birthday as my deceased mother.
I was broke and needed money for cat food, and found exactly the right  amount whilst walking to work one morning. 247 more words

Face Lift

You bring me good news from the clinic,
Whipping off your silk scarf, exhibiting the tight white
Mummy-cloths, smiling: I’m all right.
When I was nine, a lime-green anesthetist…

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