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Be Kind

I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. 227 more words


Poetry Analysis: Sylvia Plath's "Insomniac"


William Shakespeare called sleep the “chief nourisher in life’s feast.”  However, throughout the ages, artists have not been invited to the dinner party.  In his fascinating article “On the Edge of an Abyss,” journalist Greg Johnson asserts that insomnia has tormented artists more than promiscuity or severe alcoholism: 1,898 more words



Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.

– Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath.

. . . Who doesn’t want to live by such a statement? 534 more words


Six books which shaped my life

The #9albums meme on Twitter made me think about how this might impact on the books which mean the most to me (and which have followed me for a long time, so no recent titles will appear here).  665 more words


Poetry Month Celebration

Because it’s always lovely to get a good poem recommendation.

A little while ago, I discovered (via The Golden Echo) that April is National Poetry Month and that there’s a tag (via… 868 more words


NPM #26 - Mad Girl's Love Song

I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead,

I lift my lids and all is born again.
(I think I made you up inside my head) 139 more words


Do Flowers Still Grow Behind the Great Wall?

I think, to be quite frank, discussing my mental illness is incredibly boring. Perhaps it’s because my depressive and anxious symptoms are at bay, or perhaps it could be the fact that the sound of my own drawling voice explaining the same god damned symptoms makes me want to stick my head in a god damned oven. 559 more words