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On the Jungle Path

Dream 3/1/2017

Jessica, my younger sister, and I are both on an adventure in Europe, living out of cars. We park in a field but she doesn’t want me next to her so I park across the field. 413 more words


The Symbolism: Cigarettes

“Why do all your recent drawings have smokers in them?”

An honest question, and probably spawned from concern for my own health.

Recently I have been drawing characters smoking cigarettes. 235 more words


An Ode of Farewell

I believe it is important to say goodbye. Saying goodbye allows you to validate the the time spent with that person or thing. It says “my time with you was worth something.” And for me, saying goodbye to old things lets me make room for the new things. 326 more words


Thoughts thought along the road

I meant to ask my students yesterday what a number is.

I did that once with a class of College Algebra students who had appointed as spokeswoman a classmate who dared to ask me if I would please explain something “in regular English.”  I told them I would try, but first I needed them to tell me in regular English not what a number does, but what a number is.   186 more words


You Can Finally Type the Bitcoin Symbol

Computing industry standard, Unicode has added in its 10.0 version 8,518 characters, 4 new scripts, 56 new emojis and approved finally the official Bitcoin ‘B’ symbol… 30 more words


The Buried Symbol - Book Review

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Jeyran Main

Founder & Owner of: Review Tales

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Author, Books, Writing, Successful living & family & life. 324 more words


The Bald Eagle is both the national bird and the national animal of the United States and appears on its Seal. If you think about it, there is often a decorative “head” on your American flag holder that is in the shape of a Bald Eagle. 246 more words

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