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I do not mean anything. I am a horse. A solid mass of muscle, hoof and bone. I am not a symbol. I am a horse. Muscle, hoof and bone.


Opel, Symbol, Asphalt, Brands, Logo, Hd

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Time Axes

In each picture you can draw time axes. Mostly they start from the vanishing point, but sometimes they are different.

If you view it as a clock, where the above picture is number 12, the other pictures are 1,2, 3, 4, and so on… We will use this as a shorter description of the pictures. 283 more words


ISIS Provokes a Backlash Against the Veil - The Daily Beast

Many Iraqis once saw the niqab as a symbol of female piety. But the presence of ISIS—and its insistence that women cover up—has sparked a backlash against the full-face veil. 11 more words


The Symbol of the Isle

Isles seem like single pieces that have no relation to each other. But if we look closer and look below the water, we see it stems from one and the same and that it’s just “hills” in the structure of earth. 75 more words




The language of matter,
the language of thought
the language of volume
the language of law:

The systems to find,
to form and combine… 46 more words

Matsuri Goldfish

Goldfish are one of the symbols of Japanese summer and one of the reasons this is probably so is because of the ubiquitous goldfish booths at local matsuri (festivals). 73 more words