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Symbolic Acceptance: Davie Street and Pride Flags

Earlier this afternoon, I had a really fun time going around Davie Street, Vancouver. I sincerely felt so happy walking around the neighbourhood, seeing the pride flag crosswalks at Bute Street as pictured above, the numerous pride flags scattered across the street, the dessert and food places that I love (!!), and simply what felt like an aura of open acceptance of LGBTQ+ identity in this geographic location. 336 more words

Blumer's Ontological Claims and the Curious Absence of Any Argument

I am currently re-reading some foundational texts on Symbolic Interactionism (the school of sociology) for my thesis. One of the most influential is Herbert Blumer’s  607 more words



When I was a kid, if I remember correctly, the first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a veterinarian (besides maybe a superhero). 2,922 more words


Interaction #sssi #sociology

Across the social sciences as well as some of the technical sciences like CSCW or HCI there is great interest in “interaction”. Studies explore interaction between systems, interaction between human beings, often called “users”, and systems, interaction between two or more people and much more. 180 more words

The Presentation of the Self

Goffman, in Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, talks about how people are social actors who manage their expressions based on the social situation they are in. 452 more words

Symbolic Interactionism

The Working Consensus: Is It Helping or Hurting?

In the reading by Goffman titled “Presentation of Self In Everyday Life,” he discusses this idea of the “working consensus.” Goffman stated that interaction between individuals begins with this concept of a working consensus. 491 more words

Symbolic Interactionism

Social Action Theories for Second Year A Level Sociology - A Summary

We can divide sociological theories into two broad types: structural and action theories.

Functionalism, Marxism and Feminism are all structural theories, are interested in ‘society as a whole’ and ask ‘societal level questions’ such as ‘what functions does education perform for society and the individual’? 693 more words

Social Theory (A2)