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Erving Goffman (1922 - 1982) - Part 1

Moving on to the next few pages of Chapter 3 of Shaun Best’s “A beginner’s guide to social theory”, there seems to be quite a lot about Erving Goffman, so i’ll be breaking this down into a  few sections. 293 more words

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Symbolic Interactionism

I’ve not managed to do any sociology reading for a while, however, over the past few days I managed to have a read through my notes on what i’d read between about mid December last year, and late March/early April I think it was when I last did some reading. 542 more words

Society And Politics

Writers and Self-Esteem: A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective

We’re all our own worst critics.

Every writer I’ve ever known tends to look down on their own work. We see only the flaws, we fear the critics, and we worry that our readers won’t like our work. 882 more words


Symbolic Interactionism 101: Selfies, Internet Personas and the Growing Disconnect Between "I" and "Me"

Selfies. Almost nothing is more symbolic of our high-tech, hip little millennial lives. Selfies are highly contested, and everyone has an opinion. Countless pieces have been written about them, ranging from celebrations of self-expression to cries that they mark the decline of our apparently previously humble and demure society. 766 more words