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It took me 10 minutes to make this mess.
A second to take the picture.
And almost an hour to clean it up.
I stared at each object that lay on the ground before me as though each piece of it had a deeper meaning. 46 more words


The Patonce Crosses

The Patonce cross refers to any cross which has expanded ends and as such includes the Patee cross, the Fleury or Gothic cross, and the Botonee cross. 360 more words


Are You Haunted (seventeenth)

Guy carried over his arms a couple of blankets from the Ford.  He looked at Powell disbelievingly. Powell, who’d allowed his mind to wander, realized that, of course, the door would already be unlocked.  747 more words



  My Alex and Ani bangle collection.  My reiki jewelry.  My positive affirmations.  Something to catch the sunlight during the warmer months.  A way to decorate my body after releasing it to my yoga practice a few times a week.   40 more words

Mindless Musings

Reflection on The Scarlet Letter

Overall, I think the novel examines themes of the how sin can completely alter an individual. I think this generalization can be seen in all of the characters as the novel progressed. 264 more words


Tron Legacy

The movie poster for Tron Legacy (2010) is a poster set in a dark highly technological computer world over a large white lit grid with a city backdrop. 642 more words

I’m Obsessed with Musicals Part 2: Into the Woods We Go

The symbolism is ripe in this section. The woods in this story are a setting set apart from the town. It is a go-between, almost, where the town and the “outside world” meet and mingle and create plans and have conversations and pass secrets. 1,037 more words

The Scarlet Letter