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Where the stones whisper...

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“They say the stones sleep. That they are old and forgotten… voiceless.

Is it so, little sister? Are they silent…or do they dream, the long, slow dreaming of aeons. 32 more words


Autobiography of Red

Poem: Autobiography of Red
Poet: Anne Carson

Let me begin, not with Carson, not even with poetry, but with the visual arts. When I walk through the contemporary section of the local art museum, I come away dissatisfied, and I think I am coming to know why. 826 more words


Thursday Photo Prompt – Stepping Stones – #writephoto

Three days of fog and endless trek…

Suddenly the mists cleared to reveal a shrouded figure struggling with his boat.

“Sprung a leak, dammit,” he said scratching within the folds of his hood. 71 more words

Stuart France And Sue Vincent

Analysis: The emotional aesthetics of The Force Awakens

Cinema is primarily a visual medium, which is easily forgotten now in an age where derided blockbusters are often mocked for having more money spent on the spectacle than the script. 1,325 more words


Do Not Disturb - Don't Come A knockin' - You Ain't Welcome

So July 21/22 is the ‘real’ Summer Equinox (in the upper hemisphere), I’m not going to explain it to you, look it up and see to which people(s) it’s poignant, why and what they do, are scared of. 446 more words

Time And Culture

The Local as the Global: Reflections on Teaching World Literature by Emad Mirmotahari

The following essay argues for the importance of shifting world literature courses away from “survey” and toward the interrogation of categories of knowledge that typically organize the world. 438 more words