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George Frederic Watts: influence and ideas 1

George Frederic Watts was born two centuries ago. Although not as popular or well-known as the Pre-Raphaelites, he was a major influence on British painting over the second half of the nineteenth century. 1,160 more words


Card Profile: Six of Cups

Six of Cups represent a harmonious and stronger stage in an emotional process; perhaps a reunion, but also warns against the naivete arising from strong emotions. 401 more words


Keys to the House of Don...


…”I do have my reputation as an I.M.O.M to consider.”

“An I.M.O.M?”

“An International Man of Mystery. And there, if you only knew it, is the first key.” 388 more words

Stuart France And Sue Vincent

Beowulf's Brexit


Nigel Farage: Beowulf

Westminster’s political elite: Grendel (The Monster)

The EU: Grendel’s Mother.

An English inscribed stone cross circa 7th century. 326 more words

Death without death

“The priests would have you believe have you believe that life is linear, with no deviations or side trips. Just birth to death to after-life, that’s it, with an eternity of waiting for whatever comes next. 137 more words


Pt 6 The Metaphor of Beheadings of the Soul, Voice, Nature, Indigenous seen in Harry Potter movies: Buckbeak vs. Donald Trump

And, from a current myth, a story, and good demonstration of all “decapitating”.

Harry Potter and the planned beheading of the Hipogrith

Creature profile… 362 more words