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Alexander's Dream

Oil on Canvas /150W x 100H cm/ 2013

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Alternative Realism

The Birth of Science

Oil on Canvas/ 144,5W x 105H cm/ 2012

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Alternative Realism

Always on Sunday

Oil on Canvas/ 109W x 74H cm/ 2013

Available for Sale

Alternative Realism

The Mother on the Couch

As an English grad, I read and wrote a lot of papers about the Mother on the Couch.

These were the mothers in Victorian novels who were always lying on the couch with a headache, complaining about vapors or something domestic and trivial. 400 more words



Cooking Basmati Rice Whilst Contemplating – by me

Clear; two fuzzy yellow’d circles touch the top

Of the clear—but below it’s foggy.

Cloudy, soon, as the fog rises… 151 more words


Thoughts about works by Tracey Tawhiao and Tiffany Singh at Te Uru

Justine and I visited Te Uru gallery last weekend to have a look at the current exhibitions. There were 2 that were of particular interest to me due to their intersection with, differences and similarities to my own work. 661 more words


Darkness: A Semiotic

Darkness is not one. It is a symbol system, varied and relational within itself and throughout existence. It moves, like spilled ink, in constant communication with itself and the world around. 229 more words