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Jacinda for President!

W.J. Astore

My wife perceptively notes how the USA is sliding backwards.  Racism has new vigor even as science is rejected, e.g. climate change denial.  A woman’s right to choose is under attack.  593 more words

US Politics

Blue Bird

Voices outside tell me to let go
of what I’m clutching too hard
I dismiss them all, look the other way
I tell them I’m used to being charred… 105 more words


Jewel in the Claw IV...


‘Lifes but a walking shadow

A poor player that struts and frets

His hour upon the stage

Then is heard no more.’


Jewel in the Claw II… Stuart France


‘Foolery, Sir, does walk

About the orb like the sun

It shines everywhere…’


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Symbolism And Imagery In Poetry #NationalPoetryMonth

Poetry banks heavily on literary devices to make a mark on the reader’s mind. A poem that doesn’t touch the heart loses its appeal, which is enhanced with imagery and symbols. 792 more words


Jewel in the Claw III...


‘…Consideration like an angel came

And whipped

The offending Adam out of him.’


Megalomatic: Symbolism EP Review

Megalomatic are a Heavy and Progressive Metal band from Glasgow, Scotland, The band consists of Jamie – Drums, Ben – Bass and Craig – Guitar & Vocals. 209 more words

Heavy Metal