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So I designed a tattoo

Yep, an actual legit tattoo.

One of my favorite professors from college reached out a few months ago, with some awesome ideas to combine in a small piece for a meaningful occasion: 131 more words

Thursday photo prompt: Clarity #writephoto

Welcome to this week’s writephoto prompt.

If you know where it was taken, please keep it to yourself to let imaginations play. 🙂

Use the image below as inspiration to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose, by… 361 more words


Photo prompt round-up: Castle #writephoto


Myths and legends live

Unbind imagination

The portal opens

Alternate realities

Enriching a world turned grey


The photo for this week’s prompt was taken in the Scottish Highlands at Eilean Donan, a castle built on a small island where the Loch Alsh meets Loch Duish and Loch Long. 762 more words


Reflection of Sage and Petya ( an excerpt from a short story)

They sat next to each other leaving a small space in-between them. They were mesmerised by the image of a serene lake in front of them. 346 more words

"Opium Jello" (a dream poem by KPKeelan)


Perfection, unfold!

Utopia, manifest thyself!

The trickster world of metaphor

pulls you through sleep’s portal,

shuttles you through illusion

and spits you out

undone. 144 more words


Herstory or History?

I was researching articles online about the history of the Tarot cards and I came across this written by a gentleman called Hunter Oatman-Stanford. I found it to be curiously interesting!

205 more words

"Scenario For Every Night's Dream" (a dream poem by KPKeelan)


a man

no face

holds a steak knife to my eye

i can’t help but laugh


we are on a train drinking alcohol… 194 more words