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Mandalas Coloring Book-page 2

This page features mandala designs created by students in my Drawing for Graphics class at Meramec Community College,which is near St.Louis,Missouri. Below is the assignment. 201 more words


Small Dead for Laughs

Go fast, light comber of comets!
The grass in the wind it will be your hair;
Out of your eye socket will shoot corpse
Candles, imprisoned in pitiful heads… 150 more words


Blind Man’s Cry

(To the Low-Breton tune Ann hini goz.)

The murdered eye isn’t dead
One point which glances yet
Nailed down without coffin I lie
They’ve shoved the nail into my eye… 694 more words



Besides the lovers beginning or finished that want to begin with the end there are so many things that end with the beginning that the beginning begins to end up being the end the end of which will be that lovers and others will end up beginning to begin again by that beginning that will have ended up being but the end reverted which will begin by being equal to eternity which has no end nor beginning and will end up being also in the end equal to the rotation of the earth where you’ll have ended up no longer distinguishing where the end begins from where ends the beginning which is all the ends of all beginnings equal to all beginnings of all ends which is the final beginning of the infinite defined by the undefined—Equals an epitaph equals a preface and vice versa… 931 more words


... The Average Street Cop ... Under Fire [#Feds]...

.. and they feel that they get no support or backing from the Federal Government …

.. NY Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is a cop ‘ s cop . 131 more words

Personal Opinion

The Sixth Night...

Draumas Mægðe

Dreams wake to fear, eternal night wraps icy fingers around the heart. Summoned by need the soul slips quietly into the shadows that veil it from itself. 103 more words