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Deer in The Headlights

A sense of belonging, minding your business as usual. What could come from this?  Thoughts arise on the way home.  Then – CRASH. A deer hits your hood, staring into your eyes, then limping off into the nearby woods. 466 more words


Breaking Bad observations and symbolism notes

Watching Break Bad again – love that show!!!  Observations:

  • He is a zombie.
  • Shows us early on that he was a Noble prize winning scientist 20 years earlier.
  • 431 more words

Reflections on symbolism in the Atonement

“I love the various ways in which words and symbolism can instruct us about the Atonement.”

Read more at the Deseret News: Reflections on symbolism in the Atonement

Confused Mannequin

They call her mannequin, like a little doll

Porcelain allure, she’s everything you admire

Burns the hearts of men in savage fire

Liars, Liars

She whistles their deceit beckoning them like a siren… 95 more words


Splotches of mud cover
my ugly orange dress;
black tear stains
chronicles of plight.

Do you love me, now?
Voodoo doll’s distress;
a hideous, melting rainbow’s… 51 more words


Writing Symbolism

I love incorporating symbolism in my writing. I love it because it digs deeper, past the surface and to the heart of the story. To write subliminally is to operate below the threshold of consciousness; to produce something that is subtle, yet strong enough to influence mental processes or the behavior of an individual. 1,444 more words


Hermaphrodite of Virginity

I walk across this ocean swaying in allowance as I know I’m ethereal

Reception of dainty smirks, protecting the ones who were previously hurt

Sir Woman, Madam Gentleman… 169 more words