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Apologies to Euclid....


‘Given the option we would all choose to live in a house of the imagination…’

…A riddle is a trick played with words.

And this word ‘trick’ is interesting for it too has a three in it. 310 more words


The Find

CCC #108

Millions of leaves, miles of trail, and hundreds of hikers and dogwalkers, but it was my nosey mutt that made the discovery. I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise though, if anyone or any thing was going to find a broken tennis racket it was going to be my dog. 14 more words


Station to Station: Apocrypha...


In the canonical Gospels:

Jesus does not fall with the cross.
Jesus does not meet his mother.
Veronica does not wipe Jesus’ face with a cloth. 60 more words


Works in Progress

Several works in different stages of progress. Collage, ink, watercolour, acrylic on canvas. Combination of traditional symbolic poses with other images to imply a narrative. Various ways of reading- the symbols are for the most part obscured by washes- youhave to dig (with your eyes) to read them/ look into the picture not just on the surface. 89 more words

Work In Progress

Giant's Dance...


Earth Stalker – Dream Maker

Hill Shaker – Soul Weeper

Sleep Walker – Spirit Keeper


Rubble Rousing – Pool Dispensing…

Inner Child!



Confucius on symbolism...

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not rules and law.”


Station to Station: Symbolism...


Jesus retains his golden halo in death.
On being stripped Jesus’ right palm faces outward his left palm inward.
‘Joseph’ first appears holding a scroll. 61 more words