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Runestudy: Uruz I - Uruz IV

As Fehu is domestic cattle, Uruz is the aurochs; it is uncontained and free primal energy as opposed to the contained and focused. For me, because the aurochs features so prominently in cave paintings, it is the rune of shamanism. 693 more words

Other Things Spiritual

1,000 WORDS (2nd attempt): DAY 36: What Do Adam and Eve Stand For?

The Fall of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden makes me wonder about a lot of things. Of course, Christians claim it is simply a literal account of how the world was created by God. 1,001 more words


White: colors in Polish folklore (part 2)

Second part of my planned short series describing the symbolism of colors in Polish folklore.

Like before, I’ll start with a bit of vocabulary and etymology for the interested (you might skip these few points to go right to the text below): 798 more words


Trusty John: Door...


When the time of mourning was over, Trusty John said to the young king, “It is time for you to see your inheritance. I will escort you around your ancestral castle as your father wished.” 241 more words