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Addictive Teeth


don’t give up if you have

Clean Teeth


Dream Journal Entry 3: In the Nature of Dreams

“The dream is a fragment of involuntary psychic activity just conscious enough to be reproducible in the waking state. The method of interpreting dreams would be to predict future happenings by recording images of the dream in a dream book and to verify the interpretation by subsequent events, assuming of course that the meaning of dreams lies in their anticipation of the future.

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Psychology And Resources And Tools For Self Development

Post Series: Poems with Explanations: There


Sitting there,
as a storm falls,
feeling it all hit.

Laying there,
in the incoherence,
but 4 and 2 aren’t 7.

Covered there,
as the earth shakes, 542 more words


Dante - Symbolism

The Diagram below is an interpretation of Dante’s Hell in Plan View. Dante’s extensive use of symbolism will form an example of how I am planning to employ similar methods to develop a design project that follows a specific narrative to explore how symbolism in architecture can be used to celebrate an areas cultural identity and tradition through local myths.


- american t-shirt -

The color of cotton and
the color of my skin, plus
the color of candor for
this cloth I’m in –
when is a t-shirt just a t-shirt, 161 more words