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Lost Child

nobody listens when you need to be heard the most

from the blues to the utter darkness, couldn’t care less, no

if there is no room for life after catharsis… 217 more words


Jean Vassel: Some Remarks on the Tarot

Translator’s Introduction

We have previously published the two book reviews by René Guénon on the subject of the Tarot, and some relevant remarks on related topics, and we have noted the paucity of so-called “traditionalist” interpretations of the Tarot, a lacuna which is all the more surprising if we consider the importance attached to the study of symbolism in that school of thought, as evidenced by the numerous works on the subject by its leading proponent. 2,592 more words


Solstice of the Moon (Part One)

Day One

The forecast wasn’t all that bad but, heading South, the signs didn’t bode well. The showers seemed to be clumping together, somewhat; and by the time everyone had gathered at the initial meeting place, the gaps between clumps were becoming fewer and shorter. 351 more words


Egyptian Satanic Ritual by 666 Nazi NASA Templars - OSIRIS-REX BENNU SYMBOLISM DECODED

In this article you will learn how the OSIRIS-REx Space Mission by 666 Nazi NASA was a completely contrived by the numbers piece of propaganda by an ancient Egyptian numerology practicing cult called the Catholic Church. 378 more words


Where Periwinkles Grow

I was wandering around our church cemetery, an 8 year old, unable to stay still while mother was lighting candles at our family tomb. I was drawn towards the bush with beautiful light purple and white flowers which spread around every unattended grave. 319 more words


Symbols and Metaphors: The Universal Language

We’ve all seen the signs: the ones on the bathroom doors you can’t mistake. This one for Heifers and that one for Bulls or the ever-present stick figure with or without a skirt. 348 more words