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It wasn't lost I only looked away

As the sky glistened like a jeweled sea and on its surface a body of water gathered like welled up tears in my eyes, seemingly attached to my own swirling emotions as I think to myself, well yes, maybe I should not think of mortality so much but it does mean I value existing


Time obeys the tide.

Some people fight the tide.
Some people are try hards.
Some people are watchless.
Some people are jobless;
And the moon-
she doesn’t give a fuck. 119 more words


Ones 'devils '

The Loudspeaker ” …yes we answer prayers, Yellowhammer …but…the Devil is not an easy subject to bring into clarity for people.”

Amelia,”…well…sure…the Devil is usually wrapped up in mythical clothing, but…anyone can understand, if a person knows what they are talking about…can’t they?” 771 more words


Why Reformed Christians Tend To Support Muted and Less Ostentatious Worship Environments

“After  had come, the curtain of the temple was torn, and the temple on Zion was destroyed in order never again to be rebuilt. Anyone who after Christ’s coming still continued to depend on the symbol and shadow of the Messiah demonstrated that he did not understand his coming, thereby denying and rejecting him.” -Abraham Kuyper

Artistic Symbolism and the Spiritual

“Let us not confuse the temple ministry on Mount Zion with this . Due to the absence of any visible object of worship, the worship on Mount Zion pointed precisely to the invisible and spiritual. 155 more words