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Discovering Albion – Day 3: Mud and Earthworks

We left Chester in search of lunch… oh yes, that had only been the morning, but what a morning! A wonderful start to our holiday… 875 more words


Fulcanelli: Mysteries...


To round off our brief but succinct survey of the Alchemists,

we shall give some examples from the works

of those savants that we have so far considered. 53 more words

The Silent Eye

Discovering Albion: Chester Cathedral...

We should have known, of course, right from the first. It was there, written in flowers and earth… but although we saw, we didn’t see. How could we? 384 more words



There is a pool;
Its waters are held
Within the chalice of earth
Reflecting the sky.
It sparkles, calm and still,
Glinting in the sunlight, 186 more words


Lands of Exile: Beck 'n' Call ~ A book from France and Vincent!

PC 963 Kraas saw the figure first and instinctively backed away from it, principally because it was there and unexpected but also because it was tall and hooded, and its face could not be seen. 412 more words


Station to Station: Considerations...


The fourteen-fold pilgrimage in Jerusalem was split into two distinct groupings some distance apart: of nine and five stations respectively.

The entombment and condemnation scenes form a pair. 48 more words


Research Point 1 - Subjective landscapes (p111)

We have been asked to consider work by several artists who look at landscapes in more unconventional ways.

Emil Nolde (1867-1956)

Born into land that had been disputed territory between Denmark and Germany for many years, the notion of cultural identity played an on-going significant role in Emil’s life. 2,919 more words

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