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derived from deep under the skin…beauty is more than meets the eye

radiate with inner strength…a real beauty never dies

by Felicia Lujan
2.2017 8 more words

Body And Mind

Within the Quotes

Inside out
Within the quotes
Those moments
of hard hearts
Upside down
Just so described
Heartbeats stop
before they start
Inside out
Quotes hold we… 26 more words

Body And Mind

Night Crawler

Venomous… the night… her stars,
spinning webs for daylight’s veil.
Silky, smooth… fangs slip right in.
His flawless poison never fails.
Feel no pain… just hollow love and… 22 more words

Body And Mind

The Replacement

worldly beings, articulate
could never take your place
enlighten we, you are the sun
not so easily replaced

busy ever constantly
thoughts swim in your head… 28 more words

Body And Mind