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Sometimes I wish I could give people the one finger “three finger salute” and permanently erase them from my memory with a swift, “hard delete…” then I remember I’m actually a living, breathing, caring human being, and not a cold ass machine. 14 more words

Body And Mind

To the Moon

Right to the moon
through broken stars
to taste your salty skin
Hardened waves of
moon kissed beams
Tell me where you’ve been
~★~ 46 more words

Body And Mind

The Heart

Jump from her chest
Into thickening air
Seizure stopping mind

Heart pulls away
Into beaconing light
Playing seek and find

Leaping from body
Into her dragon’s lair… 19 more words

Body And Mind

Salted Heat

all for you
my salted heat
feel the burn
of one real love
there for you
ever true when
push does come
to shove… 49 more words

Body And Mind

Satin Blizzard

My newest cosplay is coming together. A few nights ago, I put a furry touch on my satin gloves. Today my blizzard contacts came in. I’m excited to become a super villainess encased in permafrost. 24 more words

Body And Mind

On and Off

“You couldn’t just pick and
choose at will when someone
depended on you, or loved you.
It wasn’t like a light switch,
easy to turn on or off. 17 more words

Body And Mind

Reinking Magic: Part 2

Here are some photos from my latest sitting with Leo Gonzales, owner and artist (Stay Gold in Albuquerque). I love his work and went to school with him. 89 more words