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Mr. Grey

Liven your world
with shades of red.
Taste paint dripping
off your lips.
Oh… Mr. Grey…
mind, body, soul.
Close your eyes
and touch my hips. 100 more words

Body And Mind

The Timeless Flower

“Nobody sees a flower really;
it is so small. We haven’t time,
and to see takes time – like to
have a friend takes time.” 7 more words

Body And Mind


Hesitating ever still, sharp scissors in her hand. Letters were gone and photos too, it was a sight she couldn’t stand. With frozen breath each knot was cut, dismantling the dreams. 43 more words

Body And Mind

Dust to Dust

This afternoon I pulled the tiny bottle off the golden web. I uncorked the wish dust, dumped it out, then blew it away. I didn’t make a wish because we all know that “wishes are only granted in fairy tales.” (Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry #1)

Body And Mind

Sadly Sad

This isn’t the official video, but these lyrics were written perfectly and the moving images selected for this are highly symbolic. Gotta love Maroon 5. … 10 more words

Body And Mind

Dreamcatcher Tutorial

If you’re looking for a cute and thoughtful present to give someone, then look no further. Dreamcatchers are said to catch the bad dreams and let good dreams come from the center of the dreamcatcher, where they land softly down to you. 129 more words


~Felicia~ reblogged this on My Voyage Through Time and commented:

I had to share your tutorial. It's a perfect gift. It takes a long time to make a beautiful catcher. I hope yours comes out nice. Your friend must be special to deserve a handcrafted gift. They are not easy to make. I used golden thread in my first to symbolize something I valued. I also used many symbolic things in the creation of mine. It made it truly unique. Put positive energy into your piece. I hope your friend appreciates you. :) ~~~Felicia