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Satin Blizzard

My newest cosplay is coming together. A few nights ago, I put a furry touch on my satin gloves. Today my blizzard contacts came in. I’m excited to become a super villainess encased in permafrost. 24 more words

Body And Mind

On and Off

“You couldn’t just pick and
choose at will when someone
depended on you, or loved you.
It wasn’t like a light switch,
easy to turn on or off. 17 more words

Body And Mind

Reinking Magic: Part 2

Here are some photos from my latest sitting with Leo Gonzales, owner and artist (Stay Gold in Albuquerque). I love his work and went to school with him. 89 more words


How a Flower Feels

It matters not how gardens look,
just tell me how it feels?
Petal to skin and melt within,
a heartbeat it shall steal.

Softest brush on silken lips, 40 more words

Body And Mind

Without Trying

Without trying
Crush my soul
like parched weeds
beneath the stars

Take skin for bone
Words flee your
lips again like fire

Without trying… 38 more words

Body And Mind

A New "San Diego" Theme

My new web site theme is about the ocean. This was a photo from my 2014 trip to San Diego, CA. I love this quote by Christopher Paolini (Eragon). 71 more words


Lilac Things

Lilac things
Shades of blue
A hint of swollen rain
Purple haze
Scents of shade
A tear to kill the pain
High heeled dreams
and khaki suits… 26 more words

Body And Mind