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Goodreads | Policythinkshop's review of The Loudest Voice in the Room: How Roger Ailes and Fox News Remade American Politics

Gabriel Sherman, of NYTs fame, opens a historical window into a media pundit, cold war warrior, and “American Patriot” world that is as old school as it is apocalyptic.   374 more words


Same-Sex Marriage: Public Life -- The Policy ThinkShop reflects and comments

People are all deserving of dignity and happiness.  We live in a society that’s supposed to make it happen.  Well…. happiness within reason.  Perhaps Norman Rockwell’s four freedoms.   522 more words


Analysis: Obama regains his footing in feisty second debate | Reuters

President Barack Obama put his re-election bid back on firm footing on Tuesday night with a strong debate performance that is likely to thrill his Democratic supporters and earn him a second look from the few voters who … 12 more words


California man behind anti-Muslim film jailed over probation | Reuters

An Egyptian-American man behind an anti-Islam film that has stoked violent protests across the Muslim world was arrested on Thursday in California for allegedly violating his probation, and … 11 more words


The origins of Christianity: An atheist’s guide | The Economist

THE rulers of ancient Rome were ruthlessly pragmatic in matters of religion. When a tribe was subdued and its lands added to the imperial realm, Rome would appropriate the subject-people’s gods and add them to an ever-growing pantheon of exotic … 12 more words


Mitt Romney and the "Libya Surprise": How it Unfolded : The New Yorker

Harold Wilson, who was Prime Minister of Britain twice, in the sixties and seventies, famously said a week is a long time in politics. Sometimes, so is a day. 41 more words