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The Radio

Your voice wants to be held. Close tucked into the palm of my ear and bent like crooked fingers curling, you smolder. Burnt notes crackle. You are the tip of an unfiltered cigarette. 43 more words

Flash Fiction

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Love this! Objectification at its finest. I Love this kind of writing.

Horse Dreams, Memes, and Themes

The unconscious imagination rarely follows the rules of rational thought. We work to interpret dream symbolism as best we can but, as many dream workers know, symbolic meaning often eludes our conscious understanding.   1,255 more words


No concept actually touches you... new MJ Awakening Blog

In the following excerpt, Arian is pointing out something that most people never realize: everything is a concept, a symbol, because that’s how the mind works. 281 more words

A Preacher's Commitments Part 3: The Need for a Response

When I consider the standard evangelical worship service, two things bug me more than anything else.  The first is how they begin.  The second is how they end. 877 more words


Art is Communication

It is the word cat, or the number 5 they mean something.  The same goes for the art we create.

Five kittens search for food in the trash.   405 more words