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Earth Day Tarot Fix

Nearing the end of this Wear the Tarot Project. But oddly, I have learned a lot about myself in this process. Originally, the idea of making my jewelry into a home-made tarot deck was just an attempt to avoid listening to people say “How come you never wear that thing I gave you?”  But taking the time to assign each piece to a tarot value told me what each item meant to me – it deeply internalized the symbolic values of the cards for me.   776 more words

Pagan Life


A ritual is supposed to be about connection.

Every month, when I notice the first hints of the crescent moon in the sky lagging behind the sun, I feel it. 78 more words

From Experience

Reiki for everyday stress

Stress is generally thought to be the reaction of the body to the demands of daily life. If you cannot cope with these, you may react with physical, emotional, and mental stress symptoms. 389 more words



They are back. There is a revolution going on, a revolution of symbols against the tyranny of words; against the written text. In the midst of many, one reason obviously stands alone. 494 more words

Thursday Tarot - Moving Right Along

Yesterday was a long day, so my Wear the Tarot choice seemed odd to me as the day began.  The High Priestess?  Really?  Well, yes, every card drawn from a declining stack will eventually come up.   630 more words

Pagan Life

Whatever you've done, however bad, hold on.

This morning I woke up suddenly from a nasty dream which I wanted to include because I think that it says a lot about my subconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings towards my drinking. 977 more words