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And So It Goes…

All it takes are a few simple words;

And so it goes…

How powerful a word can transpose

Colourful concepts and radical troves;

And so it goes… 107 more words


The Red Box of Dreams

I ordered the box as a Christmas gift for one of my step-granddaughters. Several of them are in their mid to late twenties and at least two are living in apartments, either alone or with a boyfriend. 141 more words


nesting secrets

These graphic/art/word combos are such fun to do. Reminds me why I had an interest in advertising all those years back. I love the marriage of art and word. Thank you.

My Art & Writing

Rudbeckia laciniata 'Herbstsonne'

I’ve just finished a painting of Rudbeckia laciniata ‘Herbstonne’ and it has brought summer to my mind in the midst of the seemingly endless rain pouring down outside my window. 440 more words


ELF Waves, How Do They Affect Me?

ELF stands for Electromagnetic Light Frequency or Extremely Low Frequency.

They are all around us and are present in the following:

False Light

Momma, Black and Flowers?!

As I continue reading 2/3 of the book, “I know why the caged bird sings” by Maya Angelou, I start to notice several types of archetypes, three in particular. 1,167 more words