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Chariots of wire

is a complex sociological phenomenon that has totally changed the commerce and culture of America and the world.

(Gene von Stein, vice-president of Unarco Commercial Products, manufacturers of shopping trolleys, quoted in the…

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1.4.0 Shoot #1

The first man I had the chance to photograph was very nervous and did not know what to expect or what I wanted to achieve from the shoot. 287 more words


Cho Ku Rei & 5 Reiki Principles

I introduced myself to the Reiki online group on Facebook today and got a welcoming reception…especially from other South African reiki practices. I asked a question to understand the difference between a clockwise versus anti-clockwise Cho Ku Rei. 412 more words

Cho Ku Rei

Plastic Angel

He left a small plastic angel

at the edge of the cliff

He wrapped his shirt to protect her

from the sun and the wind… 24 more words


We, the Creators (A Pledge For Your Creative Soul)

I, (fill in your name), a creator,
made in the image
of the Great Creator,
hereby pledge
not to live life
a humdrum loop-de-loop… 325 more words

Creative Practice

Cho ku Rei

I love the Cho Ku Rei symbol for its symplicity and yet powerful imagery. As I meditated on this symbol this morning I thought that it is high time that I develop a book of symbols for myself and that the Cho Ku Rei will definitely feature prominently in such a book.  103 more words

Cho Ku Rei