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Rituals And/Or Symbol Faith Needs. Sunday Addressing Forgive or Remove Intent To Harm. God removes, Jesus forgives.

I am more familiar with the King James version of the Bible. So I will use God and Jesus here. The forgive/remove stars there.

My, thee, new Federal ID removes any mass intent to harm in it all. 109 more words


Style Personality Men The Map Symbols Boat Trailer Printed

When you buy a boat you know exactly which boat you want and the model. But how do you get your boat from your home into the water? 342 more words

Twitter & Facebook Header

I had decided to remake my Twitter and Facebook header for one of my projects, Wholesome Thoughts, where I outsource information on well-being and sexuality. I love the color green for the healthy feeling it gives and I wanted a touch of femininity to the design since  sensuality and sexuality is often associated with the feminine, so I used the color burly wood. 33 more words

Creative Behavior

An Women Tshirt Casual Rpg Map Symbols Palm Tree

With consumer demand for organic products continuing to grow, morelarge corporations are entering the organic market. To maximizeprofits, some of these companies don’t follow organic standards butstill label products as organic. 196 more words

Take Me to the Water

Of course I would drink the water of the fountain of youth like a pelican, if it were real. In fact I do want to live forever. 244 more words

Daily Post

Master Alchemist

“The secret of alchemy is this: there is a way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern scientists call ‘a field of force… 65 more words


DMT and the Female Psychonaut

I cannot speak broadly for female experience but I can define my own. I have been very lucky to always feel secure in whatever I believe or want to say. 1,110 more words