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Dreams tell the Future. For real.

Soooo a couple weeks ago almost to the day I had this weird dream that I was in this super steep driveway. My hubsters big bossy white truck was parked at the top. 728 more words


Time Axes

In each picture you can draw time axes. Mostly they start from the vanishing point, but sometimes they are different.

If you view it as a clock, where the above picture is number 12, the other pictures are 1,2, 3, 4, and so on… We will use this as a shorter description of the pictures. 283 more words



Think of a skull and what do you see in your mind’s eye…? The dry skulls of longhorn cattle, abandoned and forlorn, lying in a desert…the years’ old skulls of dinosaurs, hanging and monstrous…the greasy skull of a zombie, threads of rotting flesh and slimy hair still clinging to it… 562 more words



Ces dessins pour la plupart sont des  représentations d’idées qui m’habitaient lorsque j’ai écrit l’article «Pour un sentier du littoral d’Anticosti»que Le Devoir a publié récemment. 59 more words


Optimize your search on Google

If I ask you ‘do you know how to google’, you would probably tell me ‘hi I google everyday’ but do you always find what you were looking for? 1,051 more words

Digital Marketing

40+ Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoos — a classic tattoo design standard. The heart tattoo, shaped like an inverted triangle, and meant to symbolize the pubic triangle, is a universal symbol of the feminine, often used as an expression of romantic love. 228 more words


The Symbol of the Isle

Isles seem like single pieces that have no relation to each other. But if we look closer and look below the water, we see it stems from one and the same and that it’s just “hills” in the structure of earth. 75 more words