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Jesus and me - repost

Jesus transformed my life but, perhaps, in turn I changed his. His
story has been transmitted to us via faith communities and, to
some extent, each believer adapts this person to their own needs. 429 more words


Symbols and Symbolism in Brompton Cemetery - Saturday 8 April 2017

If you’re in London and near Brompton Cemetery around 2.30pm on Saturday 8 April 2017 then you are cordially invited onto the Symbols and Symbolism tour. 223 more words


Only Symbols or Silence

I “The anthropologist Paul Radin points out that … ‘it must be explicitly recognized that in temperament and in capacity for logical and symbolical thought, there is no difference between civilized and primitive man,’ and as to ‘progress,’ that none in ethnology will ever be achieved ‘until scholars rid themselves, once and for all, of the curious notion that everything possesses an evolutionary history; until they realize that certain ideas and certain concepts are as ultimate for man’ as his physical constitution. 229 more words


Do spiritual symbols mean anything today?

One example of a spiritual symbol is the image of a tree of life.  This is a universal symbol – appearing in ancient wisdom. We find it across cultures, religions and mythology. 1,028 more words

Soul Symbols

by Helen Newton and Becky Jarratt

Published by spiritualwisdom.org.uk 2008 pp 157 £10

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This book encourages us to stop, take notice of the world around us and reflect on the inner reality it contains.  223 more words

What Does the Nike Symbol Mean?

Nike’s logo, the Swoosh, appears to be a rather elegant checkmark (or tick) but it is actually intended to be a symbol that conveys motion. … 183 more words