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Pseudo-Dionysus: Knowing God?

Last week we talked about negative theology in Pseudo-Dionysus’s The Mystical Theology, which basically consists of a series of denials. God is not to be found in perceivable attributes like colour or weight or shape, because He’s above all of those things – they’re attributes of the physical world, and He is transcendent and divine. 1,073 more words


Dreams and Symbols

I have only one type of recurring dream.  It is some variation on a them of trying to get somewhere but having all kinds of distractions and issues that keep me from getting where I need to go.  597 more words


Eclectic Tanks

The Tanks

just have to be

really eclectic



I’m fairly certain that the symbol on top of this stone is a sunrise, and if so, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting representation of the family’s faith. 36 more words

Cemetery Sculpture

The Hinyin Box

The Hinyin Box

Robbie Baldwin, A.S.

What is the origin of the Hinyin Box?

The hee is the sun, and the yee is the moon. The 6 and 9 meet together to make an 8. 501 more words


It's Time to Grow Up by Pastor Abidan Shah

IT’S TIME TO GROW UP by Pastor Shah, Clearview Church, Henderson

Introduction: It’s only been a handful of times that I have opened a message with a remark like – “This is probably one of the most important messages I’ve ever preached.” That could be said about today’s message and you’ll know why real soon. 2,182 more words