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Symbols: What Do All These Images Mean?

When we dream, we see water, houses, boats, trees, teeth falling out, toilet bowls, big waves, bridges, newspapers. These are all symbols. Put them together and they tell a story but how so we decipher the meaning of these symbols? 1,026 more words


A Landscape of Images

Smoke from the torches stings his eyes, making it difficult to see. The dancing flames bring the animals to life, a magical hunt galloping across the walls of the cavern. 815 more words


A message from Captain America

For those of you who don’t like comics, for those who like this form of expression and the like.

For those who doesn’t mind for a strong message and choose to stand up and believe. 14 more words


Watch "The Preacher who helped kill Dr Martin Luther King Jr by Dick Gregory" on YouTube

What’s Interesting is not only the Freudian slip, his tongue constantly linking, but the numbers on the room, and he says them 306 and says a quarter to six 4+5=9.(3,6,9). 52 more words



Passage from the text:
“In dealing with symbolism one enters an area where reflection, synthesis, and contemplation are more important than investigation, analysis, and science. One cannot apprehend a symbol unless one is able to awaken, in one’s own being, the spiritual resonances which response to the symbol not only as sign but as “sacrament” and “presence.” Needless to say, when we speak of symbol here we are interested only in the full and true sense of the word. 145 more words