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Trade # 10 : Gold

Suggest = Buy and Sell on 2 scenario condition


  • Entry = 1080.50
  • Stop Loss = 1073.50 (700 pips) setara 700 dolar AS
  • Target Profit = 1095.40 (1510 pips) setara 1510 dolar AS…
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Forex Trade Plan

Dow’s bearish ‘symmetrical triangle’ remains in force

Yes, Dow is still out of wood yet from technical perspective. We may get a clearer picture after the breakout from symmetrical triangle. Find out… 16 more words

Weekly Digest

Evening Update - August 20 , 2015 "Bears Continue their Charge"

With three days of consistent red action the bears just keep pushing forward, with no intention of holding back.  Today being the third day, we saw the greatest decrease in valuation, with indexes and stock both collapsing through significant support levels and given most of their positions could continue to do so, unless there is a change and the market decides to correct itself. 2,095 more words


Lunch Hour Update: August 20, 2015 - "Support is Breached; Bears, Take No Prisoners!"

Hello everyone! What a day it has been on the markets; the bulls have been run out of town and the bears are on a rampage, as the streets are painted in red. 2,119 more words


Evening Update: August 19, 2015 "The Bears Strength Holds"

The bears managed to keep their influence in the markets strong today with the indexes and stock remaining in the red.  With the expected inflation rate being announced today and given its correlation with what was expected there is a possibility that the Fed would increase the interest rate, which would decrease the progression of the economy until the next interest claim event.   1,738 more words


Lunch Hour Update: August 18, 2015 - "A Turning Point?"

Hello everyone! The markets are off to a rocky start this Tuesday, as price has been trying to climb higher after closing at or above significant resistance levels yesterday. 1,670 more words


Evening Update: August 17, 2015 "The Bulls keep Control"

The day finished off on a bullish note, with the indexes and the stock we follow having boosts in valuation.  However one factor that we found to be critical is the lack of volumes in each of the stocks.   1,381 more words