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A small wonder

I don’t know about you but I enjoy doing easy projects every once in a while. I was feeling like exploring doing a One Sheet Wonder but didn’t really have the time to make 11 or 12 cards. 268 more words

Stitched Shapes Framelits

Sympathy sentiments

With sympathy,

Those we loose never leave us. They live deep within our hearts.

May the love of those around you help you through the days ahead. 40 more words


Please Understand Where I Came From

It took me years to have confidence in myself, and strength to have confidence in my shortcomings. It takes me months to come around and stand by my decisions, and it takes all I have inside of me not to give up on myself. 799 more words

Wandering Thoughts

દિકરી - Daughter

દિકરી વ્હાલ નો દરિયો-
ક્યારે ઉચી લાગે ક્યારેક ઠીંગણી લાગે
તોયે દિકરી મને મારા હૈયા કેરી ઢીંગલી લાગે
દિકરી છે એટલી તો ચંચળ ને ભોટ
આંગણે ટહુકા કરે એવા સરસ હોઠ
એને જુવાન થતા સોળ વરસ લાગે
તોયે દિકરી મને સરસ સરસ લાગે
ચણીયા ચોળીમા ગો્વાલણ રાધા લાગે
ગુ્જરાતી પહેર વેશ મા અનુ રાધા લાગે
ફેર ફુદર્ડી ફરતા ફરતા પમ્મર ગરિયો લાગે
દિકરી મારી મને વ્હાલ નો દ રિ યો લાગે
ક્યારેક વાત વાતે આડુ પડે…
મને દિકરી વ્હાલ નો દરિયો લાગે..


Pitiful Benevolence

I like to think there is a desire within each of us to be charitable. I feel we all want to help others even a little; some want to help everyone while others are very selective. 2,106 more words

Empathy vs Sympathy

I had one of those conversations today. You know, the kind of conversation that changes perspectives and causes you to think differently about things.

While eating lunch in the cafeteria at Tanner Hall on ISU campus, I spoke with my summer boss about some of the difficult things that she has been going through with one of her adult children. 475 more words


Now, He Has Only One Leg

One decision can kill you.

Please forgive me, but, because this is a true story, and all parties are still alive, I will use pronouns rather than changing the names. 715 more words