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Jump into College

Throughout high school, my teachers always stressed how much “harder” college would be than high school. I was always the type of person that succeeded without having to study or work “extra” hard. 152 more words


You're Invited to My Pity Party!

You’re invited! Right here on social media – my special pity party.  All 637 of you on my friends list get to come!

I promise to be vague, I promise to provide lots of emoticons, and I promise to give you just a few details so that you can guess the individual that’s hurt me but I don’t say her name outright. 1,156 more words

Christian Living

Chow Zen #3

The wisdom of Chuy The Wonderdog

To have a Friend,

You must first be one.

– Chuy

Trail buddies

Doone The Cat

Three of us… 8 more words



Please welcome Yvonne Spence who won a Voices of the Year Award to #BeREALationships. Her series 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion brings bloggers together to impact the world. 1,610 more words


The Tree

Everyone knew it was going to happen eventually, the question was “When?” When it finally came to our block, no one was ecstatic about it. Instead, they despised it. 479 more words

Original Work

Abandonment sneaking back in

Honestly, I’m surprised it waited until now.  It’ll less than a month till I’ll be moving out and officially starting UC Davis in the Fall Quarter which means that it is also less than a month until 20 something’s friend will be moving to San Diego.   230 more words

Background Information

Big girls don’t cry? Yes, they do if they want to get what they require, need, or must have. Go ahead--cry a river.

Years ago when bicycles and buses were my family’s sole transportation, a car collided with me as I rode home. An ambulance was called and I and my bent bike transported to the emergency room. 592 more words

To Think About