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Contrary to instinct...

Some people just naturally lean towards accommodation and giving people the benefit of the doubt. I’m not one of those people. If you fail to follow instructions or otherwise don’t get to do something because you couldn’t be bothered to get after it the first dozen times you were told what needed to be done and the date by which it needed to be accomplished, I tend to have no sympathy. 124 more words


Not Just Another Noob

“Oh my God, he’s such a noob!” We’ve all heard this moniker before. I know I use it excessively towards the poor saps who suffer under my pwnage. 452 more words


Parasitic Empathy...

I officially only have to get up early twice in a week… It is a bit better than a lot who have to be up early everyday so I know to some people it would be a blessing. 709 more words

A cute video on Empathy

The “>RSA Video on Empathy  is one of the many treasures I found on Brene Brown’s website and I thought it was such a simple way of showing the difference between Empathy and Sympathy. 20 more words


Don't Sympathize With Problem Merchants

Do you have someone you know who only brings you problems?

Their tire blew, their husband left, they can’t read the sign, they don’t know who to call, their business is suffering, they need a ride, they need to borrow money, they can’t fix the tv, they don’t know how their phone works, They can’t find their keys, on and on. 129 more words


#13 Heart - 'Time for a Pac-A-Mac'

Our senses are terribly fallible. They are often inaccurate, faulty, inconsistent and quite often, just plain wrong. For instance, a person in a desert may see a mirage or ice can be so cold it feels hot to touch. 382 more words

Mental Health


Most often I am barefoot when in the house; my husband wears socks without shoes most of the time.  That is presenting difficulties to me this week, because I want a look at his second right toe without him knowing I’m looking.  341 more words