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You are the worthless whore of
somebody’s tomorrow,
you fall
like children
from the tree
of innocence
and you can disappear,
bittersweet goodbye,
You can go… 129 more words


An essay on ....

Don’t judge a book by its cover or is it dissatisfaction? I would never know. The complexity of human nature is quite charming. 185 more words

A Piece Of Writing

Dating, Again...Twenty.

In love’s absence I have a lot of clarity. Sometimes we find our path when we stop looking.

I like hearing stories about love and can feel a deep empathy toward failed love because…I’m human. 491 more words


C4 #3 My cat Bobo


C4 – Things related to cats or “Yakult Swallows” #3

(Minor edits)

Dear Mr Murakami,

Thank you for taking time to review my questions. My apology for unable to write in Japanese. 91 more words

Haruki Murakami

A Fork Stuck in the Road

I don’t even know.

my situation,

where I am,

why I’m here,

the next mistake

the next decision.

choices choices choices.

a bad choice can ruin… 95 more words

A Distinct Lack of Empathy: The Drawbridge Story

It reminded me of my own circumstance, and the apparently conscience-less individual involved romantically with my wife, Bert Burgess. Yes, I did track him down with all the calls and messages my wayward spouse exchanged with him at all hours of the day and night. 312 more words


When in doubt...

… send flowers.

In those moments when you want to show someone you care, and are thinking about them, send/take flowers. Chocolate is a nice addition. 46 more words

Family Life