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618. Out of the Blue - Electric Light Orchestra

Brief Background: Out of the Blue is the seventh studio album by ELO. Jeff Lynne wrote it in a remote cabin in the Swiss Alps. The double album was recorded during a two month period and released in October of 1977. 350 more words

Ranked: Muse

Formed in 1994, Muse are one of Britain’s most celebrated alternative rock acts. Demonstrating stellar progression throughout their discography, they have covered a wide and wild array of styles, from soft rock opera all the way to aggressive, robotic dubstep. 1,064 more words


Electric Light Orchestra's Summer Bash

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) was an enduring British band that deftly combined orchestral instrumentation and infectious pop rock. Founder Jeff Lynne was principal writer and producer, leading the band through several incarnations, all influenced by The Beatles, Chuck Berry and other rock pioneers. 481 more words

Concert Review

Sound Scope | #1 | Beyond the Clear Air - Midas | Music Review

A music review series i tried to start a couple of years ago. Got bored of it originally but might consider trying it again…

Muse - 'The Resistance' (2009)

The Resistance marked a radical change in direction for Devon-based alternative rock band Muse. Their fifth album, it is also their most focused and coherent material, although with 2015’s “Drones” having a defined concept, it perhaps now takes second place in that respect (with 2012’s “The 2nd Law” being laughable in comparison). 451 more words


Electric Light Orchestra - Getting To The Point

Another minor hit for ELO. This one was at its peak of UK#97 on this day in the 80s.

This is their third time on the blog, but this would be their last UK hit until 2006. 6 more words

The Doors - 'The Soft Parade' (1969)

As soon as the first set of brass notes hit in opener “Tell All the People”, the band immediately communicate a change in sound and musical direction with their fourth studio album. 183 more words