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The Six Musical Degrees of Separation, Part 2: Triumvirat is Related to Michael Jackson


I’m not gonna lie; I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan! My all-time favorite song of his is “Billie Jean”, because it is an awesome, really catchy song. 150 more words

The Six Musical Degrees Of Separation

Jeff Lynne’s ELO announces first album in 14 years, shares new song "When I Was A Boy"

Listen to enough Electric Light Orchestra and you’ll quickly realize how they’re easily one of your favorite bands. (Or how they’ve perfectly soundtracked a handful of iconic film scenes over the last 20 years, … 180 more words


Il Rovescio Della Medaglia - Contaminazione

How do we tell a block of wood is a block of wood?

We use our five senses.

If it looks like a block of wood, feels like one, sounds like one, smells like one and tastes like one, we conclude, it is a block of wood. 261 more words

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Dead Inside by Muse

I can’t give you anymore. Now I’ve become just like you.

Album Review: Symphony X - Underworld

Even without the slightest knowledge of their songs or albums, I still have heard of the band Symphony X. That’s how big of a name this band is in their music scene. 786 more words

Album Review

CLAUS ZINGER – If You Only Knew (2015)

01. Last Night
02. To Be so Sad
03. If You Only Knew
04. Oh My
05. Down the Road
06. Digging Holes in the Ground… 22 more words