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The significance of thoughts

A few days ago, I posted a rebuttal to one of Dr Leaf’s favourite memes, “Thoughts are real and occupy mental real estate.”

In short, I wrote that thoughts are real, but the issue hasn’t ever been whether thoughts are real, but what thoughts really are. 872 more words


How To Solve Impossible Problems & Calculations

How To Solve Impossible Problems & Calculations > #Artificialintelligence, #Bornsmart, #Brainfood, #Creative, #Dnb, #Howto, #Musictherapy, #Neuralnets, #Rcdump, #Rudecoder, #Science, #Synapse >


Stimulus of the neurons / serotonin synapses within the brain can be effected by; 143 more words

Overlaid Inscribed Figure

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I sidetracked myself from reading Kandinsky. I am a slow but thorough reader and Kandinsky requires slow going. I was itching to actually paint something, so I revisited… 257 more words

Personal Stories

Not All Mutations in Autism Are Just about Loss- or Gain-of-Function

A few weeks ago I wrote about cell stress and its relationship with epilepsy. I reviewed how the accumulation of misfolded proteins within the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) can lead to an Unfolded Protein Response (UPR), which, if chronic, can lead to cell damage and even cell death. 994 more words