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Mind the Gap

I took a break from blogging, resulting in a bit of a gap here. So, I started musing a bit about gaps, those spaces “in-between” where we let go and let fly the thought or the action, hoping we connect somehow. 288 more words


How to access API definitions from the WSO2 API Manager

WSO2 API Manager provides an intuitive UI that can be used to add and configure API’s that are exposed via the API Manager. However not all the capabilities of an API can be manipulated from the API Publisher’s UI. 203 more words

WSO2 API Manager

Buying My New Road Bike

I was one of those idiots who bought a Mountain Bike (MTB) and used in on the road 99% of the time. The first time it saw real mud was doing part of a leg on the Trans Pennine route and that was about 4 years after getting the bike. 685 more words


Memories May Not Live in Neurons’ Synapses

The finding could mean recollections are more enduring than expected and disrupt plans for PTSD treatments.

As intangible as they may seem, memories have a firm biological basis. 580 more words


Calcium Vessel Dynamics Upon Signal Transmission in Neurons

Speaker:      Stefan Hallerman (Carl Ludwig Institute for Physiology, University of Leipzig)

Subject:       Presynaptic Calcium Dynamics at Central Synapse

Author: Jasper Veerman

Location:    Lecture Hall 4, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam… 269 more words

Mindfulness and The Past

The purpose of letting go of the past means not forming an attachment to the past. You cannot forget about the past entirely. We have thoughts that creep up on us. 450 more words


Brain Freeze

This week the temperatures plummeted towards -30 degrees Celsius. I saw my friends posting weather reports on my social media: ironically it was warmer in the Arctic than in southeastern Canada. 815 more words