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How does the Brain send Signals?

Before we discuss how different drugs work, we’re going to have to briefly look at how the brain sends signals. (If you already know this, feel free to skip straight to the drugs!) 769 more words

Synapse overview with the Co-Founders

“The difference between Synapse and other networking groups is that it works. It’s a place where community leaders and entrepreneurs can come together and easily connect.

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Synapse Overview

Depressive Illness - The curse of the strong

Depressive Illness (The curse of the strong)   Dr Tim Cantopher   Sheldon Press 2003

I picked this book up at our local support group and from the very first page I knew that this was the best book on Depression that I have read over the years. 692 more words


Robert Bauval on Graham Hancock's Ayahuasca

Graham Hancock argues that he accesses the spirit world by taking Ayahuasca plants. He perceives that he is connecting to what he calls the spirit world.

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Who am I? Who I am.

Dragons’ Fire Necklace in my year of the Dragon 2017 Necklace Design by KAMoore

My mind a tornado in a hurricane, leading a tsunami to a shore of paper huts. 173 more words


Artificial Synapse - Neural Networks (brainier computer)

The human brain is nature’s most powerful processor, so it’s not surprising that developing computers that mimic it has been a long-term goal. Neural networks, the artificial intelligence systems that learn in a very human-like way, are the closest models we have, and now Stanford scientists have developed an organic artificial synapse, inching us closer to making computers more efficient learners. 675 more words

Synapses & Society.

If we liken the brain to a uniquely encased society, neurons would represent the citizens, while synapses stand for the communication between neurons. This electric channel of communication, almost like a telephonic network, exercises brain function. 121 more words