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Exercise and Brain Function

As most of us already know, exercise, along with a well-balanced diet, is the most important factor for maintaining your body’s physical health, wellbeing, and overall function. 469 more words


Synapse Functions

My topic is, how do synapses transmit signals, grow, and vary. I was interested in this topic because I have heard a lot about synapses and what they do, but never how they function. 717 more words



A 70’s Europorno with a dark, psychological edge

People speak of the golden age of hardcore pornography spurting from the 1970s like they were hallowed, horny works of reflexive art. 698 more words


the prefix aut
with variant auto

is to the self
or the same one


because that’s all Leo O’Connor saw:
children who liked to stay within themselves, 107 more words


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Science Fiction Cloud

By the time I got outside to snap a photo of this cloud, it changed from its original representation of a nerve synapse. The gap between the two aerial nerves collapsed to yield the elongated shape with corrugations in its midsection. 16 more words

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