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Limbic Footprint - Limbický otisk

V tomto článku chci poděkovat svojí kamarádce Mariánce,

kolegyňce pracovní a blízké duši za její zpětnou vazbu a email z přednášky od Mgr.art Zuzana Hozhoni… 509 more words


The neuron as motherboard

Back in the day when transistors were fairly large and the techniques for putting them together on silicon were primitive by today’s standards, each functionality was put on a separate component which was then placed on a substrate called the motherboard. 430 more words

Neurology & Psychiatry

關於Nature 還是 Nurture 這個問題

這是一個科學家每天都在解答的難題, 到底是經歷引導人的發展,還是天生的條件引導人的發展. 我們試著用人類導航能力來解釋吧.

新生嬰兒在前三年的時候,大腦中的Synapse 比他們成年後有的Synapse多近兩倍. 不是說新生嬰兒的大腦還在發展嗎, 怎麼會有比成年人還發達的結構? 這些Synapses 其實在人的頭三年會經歷很多Blooming and Pruning. 從外界接收到的信息, 例如聲音, 會一直刺激傳送到大腦的路徑. 路徑同時間亦會因為不斷的刺激而更加強壯. Synapses 作為大腦中信息的傳媒, 在這路徑中,自然亦然也變得活躍而穩定下來. 而其他沒有多用到或是沒用到的Synapse 也就會退化然後死亡. 經過這個Blooming and Pruning 的過程, 小孩子大腦中留下了最強壯穩健的信息傳達網絡, 對以後的所有的學習起了一個穩定的基礎。 8 more words



The neurons never really touch so how do they communicate with each other?

“For an example, take cocaine. Don’t take cocaine. ” Hilarious! XD

Okay time to test yourself. 23 more words


Sketch of a Neuron

Today, I purchased a small sketchbook and some nice quality pens from the USC bookstore, and then this happened.

(Click to make it bigger)

It’s a neuron. 149 more words


Mind the Gap

I took a break from blogging, resulting in a bit of a gap here. So, I started musing a bit about gaps, those spaces “in-between” where we let go and let fly the thought or the action, hoping we connect somehow. 288 more words


How to access API definitions from the WSO2 API Manager

WSO2 API Manager provides an intuitive UI that can be used to add and configure API’s that are exposed via the API Manager. However not all the capabilities of an API can be manipulated from the API Publisher’s UI. 203 more words

API Management