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Static, White Noise and Death

the cacophony of colours
and blurred hues of syncopated sounds
contract and expand between
the synaptic bursts of neurons
eyelids flutter
competing in a race… 17 more words


It’s odd.

When I try to write anything about my past –

childhood or later years;

It always comes-out like this.

I cannot seem

to string a sentence together that reaches the end of the line; 255 more words


'My Brain'

Happy to have been a part of The Brain Project, commissioned by the Baycrest Foundation. This project raises funds and awareness for brain health and proceeds support Baycrest Health Sciences, a global leader in brain health and aging. 77 more words


We accept only the knowledge we believe we can understand, but it doesn’t have to be that way! (Part I: The Science of Learning!)


A small word that means so much, and has so many different connotations. To a scientist, it is the center of importance in their lives. 976 more words


Facial Recognition Coming To Police Body Cameras

An approach to machine learning inspired by the human brain is about to revolutionize street search

Even if the cop who pulls you over doesn’t recognize you, the body camera on his chest eventually just might. 108 more words

First interaction Artificial Neural Network

I hated biology in my school days and loved mathematics. After a long period of time I get to learn something which combines both mathematics and biology together, that is Artificial Neural Network short for ANN, inspired by biological Neural network. 897 more words


Walking through Wso2 ESB synapse mediation engine

Wso2 ESB is using to handle real world integration scenarios with the messages transforming and routing.The mediation process of the Wso2 ESB is handled by Synapse mediation engine. 393 more words