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S3E02 Synapse SynTrend (SynStat, SynGraph) - Supplement


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This episode features SynTrend, originally released in 1983, and again in 1985 by Synapse.  SynTrend is comprised of two titles, SynStat and SynGraph. 831 more words


Informed circles

Isn’t it fantastic that we are able to think about how we are able to think. Our brains are so ingeniously formed that we even have the ability to get to such an abstraction level. 1,107 more words


Brain Power

This painting is a picture of multiple neurons. There are local interneurons, the smaller dark green neurons, and neurons that send their signals some distance away. 153 more words

Kathleen Sluka

How Neurons Talk to Each Other

A new paper offers an overview as to how neurons ‘communicate’ with one another. Neurons are connected to each other through synapses, sites where signals are transmitted in the form of chemical messengers. 161 more words



Its a drunken mess
With the dancers and the singers
Immersed in twirls and arias
Some with left feet and tone deaf sound
The synapses rush from neuron… 50 more words


Metallic Neurons

This image represents multiple neurons interacting with other neurons. Neurons making millions of connections with other neurons and there are billions of connections between neurons throughout the brain. 51 more words

Kathleen Sluka

Visualisation of Newly Formed Synapses

A new study provides insight into how synapses are formed in cortical neurons during early postnatal stages.

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