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Brain Freeze

This week the temperatures plummeted towards -30 degrees Celsius. I saw my friends posting weather reports on my social media: ironically it was warmer in the Arctic than in southeastern Canada. 815 more words

Beat of The Day: Synapse by Auvic

All I can say about this song is the electric guitar song kickass. Now, this is what I call a very good instrumental song and I just enjoy that electric guitar sound being played like there is no tomorrow.


I Missed You

Saturday contemplation of categorization
Brain synaptic in active lines of thought
Where have you been my stunning intelligence
My long lost friend bewitching me with acumen… 42 more words


Nerve Cells and Synapses: A* understanding for iGCSE Biology

There is very little in the iGCSE specification about nerve cells and synapses.  This is a shame since neuroscience is going to be one of the massive growth areas in Biology in the 21st century. 874 more words

D Block

Synapse to it

Using the technique of electron microscopy, this is one of the first images ever taken that proved that the neurons do not physically touch. The space between the junctions of neurons is called the synapse and the work of Palade, de Robertis, and Bennett definitively proved this, thus validating the initial idea by Ramon Y Cajal (proposed in the early 1900s in his “Neuron Doctrine”). 1,289 more words

Drug Addiction



a short story by Bill Ectric

The two medics had to shield their eyes from the glaring light when they looked up at me. Wishing to avert the helicopter searchlight away from the them, my hands fumbled for the navigation stick in the pitch-dark cockpit. 6,872 more words

Science Fiction

The Neural Rewiring Hypothesis

The past, it seems, has a tremendous effect on the individual we turn out to be. Our memory decides the way we respond to a particular circumstance and the attitude we develop. 571 more words

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