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flash a mystery

we haven’t the ordeal

ahead of us, behind, around us

only memory

something spectacular occurred

from a distance we noticed

perhaps a falling star, 55 more words


Think Smaller

In a recent study, researchers at Kern County have found that a larger brain isn’t necessarily a ‘better’ brain.

“Based looking at the quantity of brain mass, both in weight and volume, of individuals and comparing it with their various responses to tests, we have determined that a smaller, denser brain processes information at a faster rate,” says Eric Walhelm, head researcher at Brain and Lung Studies, “The capacity, learning ability and other factors are not affected as much, with no distinct determining factor found among our testing criteria.” 137 more words

Chester Press


She said You have a good ear

My mind choked on the flood
of potential and witty retorts

Instead all I said was Thank You

Chagall 2015


Couldn’t wait to see new synapse links

Evidenced in behaviours desired

They never showed up

I gave up waiting

Blu-ray Review: "Thundercrack!"

Perhaps best described as an avant-garde horror porno, Curt McDowell’s Thundercrack! is one of the strangest films ever made. Having never been released on home video in North America, the film has finally seen the light of day thanks to the folks at Synapse Films, and their Blu-ray release is, without a doubt, a must-own for fans of the bizarre. 449 more words